Appearance & Emptiness with Jacqueline Mandell
Appearance and Emptiness with Jacqueline Mandell
Dear Sangha Friend,
March 5th marks the opening of our Spring Ango training intensive. If you're a formal training student, or have done residency at the Monastery or a sesshin at the Temple or Monastery, you're eligible to participate formally. You can find out more about Ango here.
Ango Activities 
As we move into the Spring Ango schedule, please remember that evening zazen during the week shifts back to 7:30pm, and dawn zazen begins at 4:50am. On Wednesday, Thursday and Friday afternoons when we're not in retreat, we also sit at 5pm.
Shugen Sensei will officiate a fusatsu, or renewal of vows ceremony, on Thursday, March 9th at 7:30pm. This special liturgy is open to all and includes a talk by Sensei on an aspect of the precepts, or moral and ethical teachings of Zen Buddhism.
March Programs
We're thrilled to welcome Jacqueline Mandell, one of the founders and early teachers at IMS in Barre, MA, to lead a new program called Appearance and Emptiness the weekend of March 17-19. Jacqueline was one of the first Westerners to travel to the East and bring the dharma back to American students, and she's been teaching worldwide for forty years. You can listen to our conversation with her about this upcoming program. The following weekend, March 24-26, Shugen Sensei will lead Precepts II: Manifesting Compassion.
Looking Ahead
Shugen Sensei will lead the Spring Ango Intensive: Playing in the Buddha Field, April 13-16. Please keep in mind that this is an intensive training retreat; if you're interested in attending but have not attended an intensive before, please contact the Training Office. The following weekend Zuisei Goddard will lead a new retreat—Taming the Mind: Shantideva's Teachings on Guarding Introspection, April 21-23. 
In Other News 
On Saturday, April 29th, The People's Climate Movement, a coalition of environmental groups, is holding a big march in Washington, DC. The Earth Initiative Planning Group at the Brooklyn Temple is organizing to attend so please save the date and stay tuned for more information about participating. As part of our planning, the Monastery will host a viewing of the new documentary "This Changes Everything," on environmental justice activism, based on the book by Naomi Klein, on Sunday, March 19th at 1:30pm in the Sangha House. Please join us for this if you can, and check on our Social Action table on Sundays for updates on the march and other events. 
Important Dates for March
3/3-3/5  Ango Opening Sesshin with Shugen Sensei
3/9  Fusatsu (Renewal of Vows ceremony) with Shugen Sensei, 7:30pm 

3/10-3/12  Introduction to Zen Training Weekend with Shugen Sensei 
Zen Kids/Zen Teens Program, 9am-noon
3/17-3/19  Appearance and Emptiness with Jacqueline Mandell (listen to our conversation with Jacqueline)
3/19  "This Changes Everything" documentary screening, 1:30pm in the Sangha House  
3/24-3/26  Precepts II: Manifesting Compassion with Shugen Sensei
3/27-4/2  Founding Sesshin with Shugen Sensei 
Please don't let financial issues prevent you from attending a program at the Monastery.
If you can't afford the program fee, there are options.
Sunday Morning Program
The Sunday Program is open to the public and offered every week of the year. If it's your first visit, you'll receive beginning instruction in zazen (Zen meditation) and an orientation to the Monastery.
9am-noon: Liturgy, zazen, and dharma talk
Noon-1pm: Lunch & clean-up
Please arrive by 8:45am and plan to stay for the whole morning. $5 suggested donation.
Wednesday Evening Zazen
Beginning instruction in zazen offered weekly except during sesshin; please check our calendar or call first to confirm. 
March-December: 7:30-9pm
January-February: 6:30-8pm

For more information on any of our retreats, go to the retreat calendar.
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