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Scott Menchin

Every month a different artist makes a special treat just for you. This issue it’s Scott Menchin.

This awards season, we’re all about celebrating f*ck ups. Because for every emotional acceptance speech, there’s a bunch of folks who fell flat on their face (Jennifer Lawrence, 2013 #neverforget).

But sometimes, things going wrong can start something special. So grit your teeth like you’re clapping someone else and pretending to be gracious when everyone knows you should have won...

The Rise of the Mongolians

When a shoot in Mongolia just wasn’t working, photographer Catherine Hyland had to change things up...

Catherine Hyland Mongolian Story

The Blue Marble

A modern-day Rube Goldberg machine that took 500 takes to get right...

Rube Goldberg Machine Story


How one film went from being banned in Kenya to a standing ovation at Cannes...

Rafiki Cannes Story

Paula Scher

The Pentagram designer on working through the dreaded moment when all she sees is a terrible mistake...

Paula Scher Story

The Art of the Trial

Even if you (allegedly) f*ck up big time, at least it, er, makes great art...

Art of the Trial Story