Dear Sangha,
Hogen Sensei will be at the Temple this week, arriving on Wednesday, and will offer daisan and lead the Half-Day Sit on Saturday morning. (Please note that there will not be regularly scheduled morning zazen on Saturday.) Hojin Sensei will be at the Temple on Sunday, and Hokyu will be here for the week as staff person. Also this week, we will have  Sangha Gathering during the Sunday morning program, led by Hogen Sensei and Hojin Sensei. Please see below for more information about upcoming programs.
Half-Day Sit: On Saturday, August 24th, Hogen Sensei will lead a Half-Day Sit from 8am-noon. These mornings of zazen amidst the sangha are a wonderful way to touch in with stillness and silence before heading off into the rest of your day.
Sangha Gathering: On Sunday, August 25th, at 9:30am, please join us for a Sunday morning program of liturgy service, zazen, and community discussion, followed by light refreshments. As the summer season begins to shift, this gathering is to hear from you about your practice at the Temple, and to give updates on:
  • What is happening with care and repairs of the Temple building
  • Highlights of past and upcoming events, training, and groups
  • Residential opportunities
  • Upcoming Ango highlights
We look forward to seeing everyone. Hope you can join us!
Sesshin at Fire Lotus Temple: Coming up on September 5-8, Hogen Sensei will lead a four-day Sesshin, beginning our Fall Ango practice in the City. Characterized by silence, deep introspection, and the strength of the sangha practicing together, Sesshin is for anyone interested in intensifying their experience of zazen and Zen training within a community of practitioners and the guidance of a teacher. Sesshin may be joined on Thursday or Friday and extends through the Sunday morning program. Please contact the training office if this is your first Sesshin, or if you have questions. We look forward to hearing from you!
Fall Ango Opening: Coming up on Sunday, September 8th, Spring Ango will begin at Fire Lotus Temple with an opening talk by Hogen Sensei during the Sunday morning program. Following the Sunday program, everyone is invited to stay for lunch. Fall Ango is the MRO's September-November period of intensive training. This fall our theme is The Eightfold Path - a wonderful chance to explore the Buddha's original teaching on creating genuine peace. A full schedule of retreats and other Ango programs will be offered at the Temple, starting with a four-day Sesshin, September 5-8. These programs are open to all, including those not formally participating in Ango. For more information about Ango training, see the MRO's Ango website, or contact the Temple training staff.
ZCNYC seeks help with graphic design: Are you a graphic designer who is interested in donating time and talents to Fire Lotus? Then we want to hear from you! After years of service in helping to get the word out about Temple activities, Susan Kyushin Presutto is passing on the torch. (Thanks for everything, Kyushin!) Having a nonresident sangha member work on our flyers and posters over the years has been invaluable.
The job entails making use of an InDesign template to create about 4 or 5 flyers per month to help advertise our workshops, retreats, and other events. You would work from home (or bring your laptop to the Temple, if you'd like). For someone comfortable with InDesign and image researching, it works out to about 3-4 hours of volunteer time per month. Please call or email the Temple office (718-875-8229 or if you'd like to get involved. Thank you!
Temple Training Staff
Sangha news
On Sunday, September 29th, at 1:30pm, Shugen Roshi will explore the Beyond Fear of Differences Ten Values with the Diamond Net group in the Sangha House Performance Hall at Zen Mountain Monastery. Everyone is inivited to attend, or contact for a remote Zoom login.
Diamond Net is a group of MRO students and sangha members who provide physical, emotional, and spiritual assistance and support to fellow practitioners during challenging life transitions.
Hojin Sensei and Hogen Sensei

For program information and registration, please see ZCNYC Retreats on the ZCNYC website 

Have a question? Contact us at (718) 875-8229 or

U p c o m i n g   E v e n t s

24 Half-Day Sit, with Hogen Sensei, 8am-12noon
A full morning of extended sitting. Lunch will be served following the sit.

25 Sangha Gathering, with Hogen Sensei and Hojin Sensei
Please join us for a sangha gathering during the Sunday morning program.
This evening seminar offers practical guidance in understanding work from the perspective of Buddhist teachings and the Precepts. We will examine subjects such as money, success and failure, stress, competition and ambition, working with people, and Buddhist ethics.
31 To See a Flower: An Exploration of Urban Eco-Printing, with Mn. Shoan, Ikyo Love, and Seiyu Lanaghan, 10am-4pm
A workshop on natural dyeing with organic materials, offering an opportunity to stop, look, and use the magical forms of flower petals and plant leaves growing in our neighborhood to create color and designs on cloth and paper.
5-8 Sesshin, with Hogen Sensei, Thursday, 5pm-Sunday, 12:30pm
This silent zazen intensive is identical in schedule and form to sesshin at the Monastery, including daily oryoki, talks, and face-to-face teaching. Sesshin may be joined on Thursday or Friday. First-time sesshin registrants should contact the training office before registering.
8 Fall Ango Opening, with Hogen Sensei
The Fall Ango training period opens at Fire Lotus Temple with a talk by Hogen Sensei during the Sunday morning program. A community lunch will follow the talk. Ango programs are open to everyone; for more information see the Ango website or contact the Temple training staff.
This group is an opportunity for those who identify as white to take responsibility for racism by looking deeply at our own conditioned biases and assumptions. We use the skills learned in our Zen practice to work with the feelings that arise, and engage in readings and deep listening, supporting each other in this process.
12 Buddhist Study Session: First Noble Truth, with Hogen Sensei, 7-8:30pm
The first of three study session for Fall Ango. The next study sessions will be Saturday morning, October 12th, and Thursday evening, October 31st.
14 Noble Eightfold Path, with Hogen Sensei, 10am-4pm
A full day retreat exploring our Fall Ango theme.
15 Fusatsu, with Hogen Sensei, during the Sunday morning program
Fusatsu, or "Renewal of Vows," is a ceremony based on the teachings of the Buddhist precepts. It includes liturgy and a talk by the officiant, each focusing on the moral teachings of the Buddha.
15 Needles Meeting in Mid-Air: Fire Lotus Knitting Group, 1-2:30pm
All are welcome: knitters and other needleworkers, women and men, experienced and beginner. Instruction will be available for beginners. Please bring whatever project you are working on.
21 Zazenkai, with Hojin Sensei, 8am-6pm
A full-day silent zazen intensive. Participants will have an opportunity for daisan with Sensei.
28 Half-Day Sit, 8am-12noon
A full morning of extended sitting. Lunch will be served following the sit.
28 Zen Kids, 2-4:30pm
The Zen Kids program will meet on Sunday afternoon.

Z a z e n   S c h e d u l e   f o r   t h i s   W e e k

Please note: there will not be morning zazen on Saturday
Wednesday-Friday Morning

6:30 - 6:55 am -- Morning Zazen (Please be seated in the zendo no later than 6:25.)

6:55 - 7:05 -- Kinhin - Walking Meditation

7:05 - 7:30 -- Zazen

7:30 - 7:50 -- Morning Service

Tuesday-Saturday Evening

6:30 - 7:05 pm -- Evening Zazen (Please be seated in the zendo no later than 6:25.)

7:05 - 7:15 -- Kinhin - Walking Meditation

7:15 - 8:00 -- Zazen & Four Vows

Sunday Morning Program

8:30 am -- Caretaking Practice 

You are invited to come early and help prepare the Temple for Sunday services. 

9:30 am - 12:30 pm -- Liturgy, zazen & dharma talk followed by refreshments with the sangha.

(Beginning instruction in zazen is offered to those who are new to the Temple.)

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