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You got your first remote employee, what now?
Hey there! This week, we're taking a look at some topics related around hiring and employee benefits.
Last week we talked about hiring in a remote setting – how to post and distribute new job offers, and then decide from a pool of hundreds of candidates. This week, we talk about what should happen before, but at the very last shorty after the first hire has happened: Deciding and evaluation a set of benefits.
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Reading Material & Resources

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Featured: Education Stipends

Remote work can be an environment where cross-team communication could come a little short at times. Unless you are actively encouraging it, providing people with a way to educate themselves can be important.
In this post, we introduce Education Stipends. An easy way to get your team members to put in the effort to educate themselves, by providing an attractive incentive.

Little Helper: Carrom.

Carrom is a fresh startup with partners around the world, aiming to bring employee benefits and payroll to remote teams at scale.
Quote of the Week: "Enjoy the Benefit of your kids barging in on a meeting. It's the best distraction in the world." – GitLab CEO, Sid Sijbrandij, in a talk with NoHQ (coming soon).

From around the Web: GitLab on Benefits.

The GitLab Handbook is always worth a visit. See how GitLab solves employee benefits, including stock options, paid time off policy, parental leave and health care.

Get computing: Hardware for Remote Workers.

You should provide your employees the tools so that they can get work done. But how far can it go?
Are home offices part of that initial package? Providing laptop, or desktop PC? Are screens and peripherals part of it too? Our take on it.

Trip to the history books: Perks for Remote Employees.

This was one of our first posts: A list of perks you should give to your remote employees. For a small tiny set of remote-specific benefits, this is the post to look at.

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Tip of the Day

Benefits are one way of distinguishing yourself from other companies, and also diversify your candidate pool.
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