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Hey blacktail hunters, we need your help! 
WDFW is researching the relationship between antler points and the age of black-tailed bucks.  To accomplish this, we need your help to collect teeth from harvested deer.  We also want to use this information to assist us in exploring an innovative technique to estimate black-tailed deer abundance.
Extract incisor tooth
 If you harvest a black-tailed buck in western Washington (400, 500, and 600 series GMUs), we are requesting that you extract an incisor tooth and submit it to WDFW.  We are interested in gathering samples from all age classes of bucks, including spikes, 2-points, 3-points, on up.
Your assistance is voluntary, but very important to the success of this effort.  If you are interested in assisting, please watch a short video on how to extract an incisor tooth.
How-to Video
Print document & submit tooth
Please print the PDF form to record the information that needs to be included with the tooth.  You can either submit your tooth using the below mailing address or drop it off at a WDFW Regional office.  Please use a clean envelope and take care to minimize the amount of blood/tissue on the envelope, which could prevent the postal service from delivering your submission.
Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife
Attn: Deer Tooth Collection
PO Box 43141
Olympia, WA 9850
PDF Form
Learn the age of your buck
Hunters that choose to participate can learn the age of their harvested buck using WDFW’s Tooth Age Lookup page on our website, where we will post the results ~6 months after the tooth was submitted.  
Tooth Age Lookup
Be sure to record your WILD ID correctly because that is the reference number you will use to look up your results.
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me via email ( or by phone (360-902-2557).
Brock Hoenes
Deer and Elk Section Manager
Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife
PO Box 43141, Olympia, WA 9850
WDFW Outreach
1111 Washington St SE
Olympia, WA 98501