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Air Europa A330 squawking 7500
Air Europa pilot accidentally squawks 7500 in Amsterdam
Sitting at the gate prior to departure from Amsterdam, the pilot of Air Europa flight 1094 was demonstrating to a colleague the various special ‘squawk codes’, including 7500—which indicates unlawful interference aboard the aircraft—when he accidentally broadcast the code from the aircraft’s transponder setting off an hours long security situation as authorities followed protocols for such an event. After the situation was resolved, the flight departed with a 4.5 hour delay.
See UX1094 playback
El Al’s sky art 747

El Al draws a 747 with a 747

To commemorate the retirement of its 747 fleet after 48 years of service, El Al drew a 747 over the Mediterranean Sea during a special charter flight to Tel Aviv. 
See playback of El Al’s sky art flight
Open GE-Nx engine

What’s a flight maintenance engineer?
On this week’s episode of AvTalk we talk with Ian Matthews, a flight maintenance engineer for a US-based cargo airline, to find out exactly what that is and why it’s a critical role in cargo operations.

Listen to AvTalk episode 70
Images from ES-SAN final report
Estonian investigators issue final report on accident involving SmartLynx A320 in Tallinn
The Estonian Safety Investigation Bureau issued its final report into the loss of control incident involving SmartLynx A320 ES-SAN this week. During a training flight the aircraft suffered a loss of control incident, which resulted in a runway strike on takeoff damaging both engines severely (top image) and causing both to shut down. The aircraft was able to turn back to the airport, touching down 150m before the runway threshold (middle image) and coming to rest at the side of the runway (bottom image).
Read the full report
Republic E175 loss of control incident
Republic E175 suffers loss of control incident
A Republic Airways E175 operating for American Eagle from Atlanta to New York on Wednesday reported a ‘trim runaway’ to ATC shortly after departure and declared an emergency. The crew stated they were having a problem getting the aircraft to pitch down. After working the problem, the aircraft returned safely to Atlanta 23 minutes after departure.
United’s new Star Wars livery
Here’s how to track every Star Wars special livery
United unveiled its new special The Rise of Skywalker special livery on one of its 737s this week. We’ve put together a handy guide so you can track every Star Wars special livery from United, LATAM, Virgin Atlantic, and ANA.
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DLR Gulfstream G550 HALO aircraft
German Aerospace Center’s HALO G550 set for more SOUTHTRAC flights
The German Aerospace Center’s G550 will begin its second round of SOUTHTRAC atmospheric research flights in South America.
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A Erickson Aero Tanker MD-87 making a fire retardant drop
An Erickson Aero Tanker MD-87 dropping fire retardant near the Palisades Fire in California.
A 737 and 3 777s in Los Angeles
An American Airlines being towed past a trio of 777s in Los Angeles.
A Lufthansa 747 departing Vancouver
A Lufthansa 747 lifting off the runway from Vancouver.
Flightradar24 coverage in December 2010
Celebrating the 10th anniversary of Flightradar24.com
On 10 November 2009, we registered Flightradar24.com. In that first year we tracked a few thousand flights per day in northern Europe. 10 years later we track 200,000 flights per day all around the world. 
See the evolution of Flightradar24 coverage over the past 10 years
UNDER THE RADAR - Bite size aviation news
Aviation Week
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An in-depth Boeing 737 MAX status update
Are there lessons in the DC-10 grounding from 40 years ago for today’s 737 MAX? We talk with The Air Current’s Jon Ostrower to learn more.
Listen to our special 737 MAX report
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