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ADS-B data from PS752
Evidence points to shoot down of Ukrainian 737 
The ADS-B signal from Ukrainian International Airlines flight 752 stopped abruptly at 02:44:57 UTC just minutes after takeoff from Tehran. Growing evidence, including video from the area, points to the aircraft being hit by a missile. Iran has denied that the aircraft was shot down.
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Flights over Iran and Iraq on 9 January
Most airlines avoiding Iran and Iraq following Iranian missile launches
In the wake of Iranian missile launches into Iraq, most airlines are now avoiding flying through Iraqi and Iranian airspace. The US FAA, UK, and France have all issued prohibitions to their respective airlines and many others are abiding by those prohibitions. Gulf-based carriers, such as Emirates, Etihad, and Qatar Airways continue to operate most flights through Iraq and Iran.
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Boeing 737 MAX
‘Deeply disturbing’ new documents released by Boeing
Documents released to Congress and FAA ‘paint a deeply disturbing picture’ of Boeing’s actions, said the chair of the House committee investigating the 737 MAX yesterday.

Boeing released a statement, saying in part, ‘We regret the content of these communications, and apologize to the FAA, Congress, our airline customers, and to the flying public for them. The language used in these communications, and some of the sentiments they express, are inconsistent with Boeing values.’
The document release, which confirms that ‘Boeing rejected a proposed system safety upgrade to the MAX on the grounds that doing so would add cost by triggering a need for all pilots to have flight-simulator training to qualify to fly the MAX’ comes just days after the manufacturer announced it would recommend simulator training for all pilots before the 737 MAX returns to service. 
Mystery Drone hunting flight path
Aircraft sent to hunt for mystery drone operators
Local, state, and national officials are on the hunt for mystery drone operators that have been causing consternation among residents in Colorado, Nebraska, and Wyoming. This week, Colorado launched an aircraft usually used to track forest fires to try and find the mystery drone operators.
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National Geographic livery 757
National Geographic 757
Icelandair is operating an around-the-world expedition for National Geographic and has painted one of its 757s in a special National Geographic livery. 
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Northern Lights outside an A380 window
The Northern Lights dance outside the window of a China Southern Airlines A380 over Alaska.
United’s Rise of Skywalker 737
United Airlines’ Rise of Skywalker special livery 737 landing in Miami.
787 HUD
Looking through the HUD on an Air Europa 787 at FL430.
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