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ADS-B data from PS752
The Iranian military acknowledged early this week it was responsible for the downing of PS752 
The Iranian military admitted that surface to air missiles were fired on PS752. Additional video evidence this week identified the first missile launch that correlates with the loss of ADS-B data
at 02:44:57 UTC. Earlier available video showed the second missile impact. We've updated our post with additional data and graphics regarding air traffic in Tehran that morning as well as Iran’s statement.
See Flightradar24 data and additional information
DL89 flight path
Delta flight dumps fuel on school during emergency return to LAX
Delta Air Lines flight DL89 suffered an engine issue shortly after departure from Los Angeles International Airport on 14 January and elected to return to the airport. During preparations for landing the aircraft jettisoned fuel at a lower altitude than is normal in these situations. Some of the fuel landed on a local school and playground affecting students and adults. The FAA says it is investigating. 
See playback and the FAA and Delta’s statements
Flights over Iran and Iraq on 17 January
Iranian airspace gets quieter as more airlines reroute
Nearly all international airlines have stopped overflying Iran as of this week. Qatar Airways and a few other Middle Eastern carriers as well as Russian airlines continue to make use of Iranian airspace.
Track live flights in the area and see relevant NOTAMs
Automatic take off by an Airbus A350-1000
Airbus demonstrates auto take off on A350-1000
In December, Airbus performed the first fully automatic vision-based take off. The aircraft’s autopilot relies on cameras installed on the aircraft to maintain the runway centerline. You can replay the test flights from December.
Etihad "Greenliner" 787
Etihad readies the ‘Greenliner’
Etihad will take delivery next week of its special 787 ‘Greenliner’. The 787-9 will be used by Etihad and Boeing to explore sustainability initiatives throughout the year. We’ll have much more on our blog next week about what Etihad and Boeing will be working on.
Follow the Greenliner
1st Aeroflot A350
First Aeroflot A350 preparing for first flight
Aeroflot’s first Airbus A350 is readying for first flight in Toulouse ahead of delivery this spring. The aircraft also sports Aeroflot’s new livery featuring a white fuselage and restyled Russian flag. The aircraft will be registered VQ-BFY upon delivery.
The BelugaXL enters service
Airbus’ BelguaXL transport aircraft entered service this week. The BelugaXL is based on the A330 airframe and expands the capacity for Airbus’ component transfers to their final assembly lines.
Follow the BelugaXL fleet with aircraft code ‘A337’ and see the fleet details here.
Lufthansa 747
A Lufthansa 747-8I departing Houston.
Delta A330neo in Tokyo
A Delta Air Lines A330neo at the gate in Tokyo.
British Airways A350
A British Airways A350 taxiing in Toronto.
Japan and Alaska Islands
Most Wanted new receivers: ReSEAver edition
We’re always looking for fantastic locations to send new Flightradar24 ADS-B receiver kits. Right now we’re focusing on well-suited island installations in the Pacific and Indian Oceans. Do you live on a remote Alaskan island or have an aviation enthusiast friend in Tuvalu? We want to send you an ADS-B receiver. Not only will you be contributing flight tracking data, you’ll receive a free Flightradar24 business subscription.
Learn more and apply to host a receiver
UNDER THE RADAR - Bite size aviation news
AIN Online
Business Traveller
AvTalk Podcast Logo
Our first new episode of 2020
We start the year on a somber note exploring the events that led up to the downing of PS752. And we react to Boeing’s latest ‘damning’ document dump.
Listen to Episode 75
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