"It is our unconscious habits of body, speech, and mind to which we are habituated that give rise—over the long term and in the aggregate—to the habitats we inhabit. And, this...was as pertinent and obvious to fifth-century Buddhists as it is, or ought to be, to twenty-first century perspectives."   —William Waldron, "A Buddhist Theory of Unconscious Mind"
Important Dates for February:
1/30               Buddhist Studies Session on Right Mindfulness (6:30pm)
2/2                 What is Whiteness? Study Group (1:15 - 3pm)
2/1                 Zen Teens (1pm - 4pm)
2/7 - 2/9         Relationships: Promises and Impossibilities with Dr. Mark Finn
2/8                 Coming of Age Ceremony for Azalea Case (3:30 - 4:30pm)
2/13               Buddhist Studies Session on Right Concentration (6:30pm)
2/14 - 2/16     The Buddhist Unconscious with William Waldron, Phd.
2/16               Zen Kids and Tweens (9am - noon)
2/17 - 2/23     Bodhidharma Sesshin with Shugen Roshi and Hojin Sensei
2/28 - 3/1       Ango Opening Sesshin with Shugen Roshi and Hojin Sensei
Please don't let financial issues prevent you from attending a program at the Monastery.
If you can't afford the program fee, there are options.
Sunday Morning Program
The Sunday Program is open to the public and offered every week of the year. If it's your first visit, you'll receive beginning instruction in zazen (Zen meditation) and an orientation to the Monastery.
  9am-noon: Liturgy, zazen, and dharma talk
  Noon-1pm: Lunch & clean-up
  Please arrive by 8:45am and plan to stay for the whole morning. $5 suggested donation.
Wednesday Evening Zazen
Beginning instruction in zazen is offered weekly except during sesshin. Please check our calendar to confirm or call the registrar to confirm.
  January-February: 6:30-8pm
  March-December:  7:30-9pm 

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