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Landing path of PC2193 in Istanbul
Pegasus Airlines PC2193 overruns runway in Istanbul
Pegasus Airlines flight PC2193 overran the runway and slid down an embankment before breaking into three pieces on Wednesday. Three people on board have died as a result of their injuries and over 150 were taken to hospital.
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Flights over China on 28 January compared to 4 February
Chinese air traffic reduced by two thirds
Departures from China’s 25 busiest airports have been reduced by two-thirds as travel restrictions expand and demand falters.
Track flights in China and see how traffic has fallen
A350 flight deck
Coffee, tea, and the A350 flight deck don't mix
Two inflight engine shut downs on the A350 have prompted Airbus and EASA to order changes to how liquids are consumed (or not) on the flight deck. In January, a drink spilled on the center console of a Delta A350 required a diversion to Fairbanks. Two months earlier, an Asiana Airlines A350 diverted to Manila after a similar spill. 
Read the new EASA airworthiness directive
Diagram of EK521 accident
EK521 final report released
The UAE Air Accident Investigation Sector released its final report on the EK521 accident in Dubai in 2016. The aircraft impacted and slid along the runway after a failed go-around. There were no fatalities among the passengers or crew, but a fire fighter was killed when the center fuel tank exploded.
Read the final EK521 report
The North Atlantic jet stream
A strong push across the Atlantic
It will be a quicker trip across the North Atlantic this week thanks to a strong jet stream. Ground speeds in excess of 700 kts are likely as flights take advantage of the tailwind.
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Ten Tanker DC-10
A 10 Tanker DC-10 in Sydney for maintenance before returning to fight Australian bushfires.
Victorville aircraft storage
A set of Qatar Airways 787 sit in Victorville awaiting their business class interiors surrounded by retired MD-11s, 777s, and the Mexican government 787 that may soon be raffled off.
An Airbus BelugaXL
An Airbus BelugaXL landing in Toulouse.
Squawking 7700 aircraft
What’s happening when a flight ‘squawks 7700’
Squawking 7700 gets the attention of air traffic control (and Flightradar24 users), but what’s actually happening on the flight deck? We talked to a pilot to understand what squawking 7700 does—and doesn’t—mean.
Learn more about Squawking 7700
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