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BA112 flight path
British Airways sets a new record
In last week’s newsletter we told you to watch for unusually fast transatlantic crossings and British Airways delivered. The BA112 set a new New York-London subsonic speed record, making the journey in 4 hours 56 minutes, smashing the previous record held by Norwegian. Watch again this weekend as the jet stream will be similarly well-placed.
See playback and details of the new record
Air Italy A330
Air Italy declares bankruptcy
Air Italy announced it will cease operations on 25 February. All of its own aircraft have been grounded and wet lease operators are conducting the balance of the airline’s flights from 11 to 25 February. 
See Air Italy fleet and route details and track the remaining flights
Air Baltic BT677 flight path
Another A220 engine failure
An Air Baltic A220 traveling from Riga to Malaga experienced a failure of one of its PW1500G engines near the Spanish border with France and safely diverted to Bordeaux. This incident is similar to three previous engine failures by PW1500G engines on Swiss A220s.
See playback of BT677
LH1370 Flight path
A curious route to Krakow
Lufthansa’s LH1370 made a 40 minute detour on its way from Frankfurt to Krakow this week thanks to high winds in Frankfurt and some operational juggling. The aircraft had been fueled for a different flight, but due to an aircraft swap it operated to Krakow. As the winds in Frankfurt made defueling the plane on the ground risky, the airline rerouted the flight to ensure the aircraft landed below its maximum landing weight.
See playback of LH1370
Delta's thank you A321
A big thank you from Delta
Delta unveiled a special livery on its brand new A321 this week with a billboard THANK YOU on the fuselage. Inside the letters are written the names of all 90,000 Delta employees.
Follow Delta’s THANK YOU jet
A319 Flight deck
Looking out the flight deck of an Air France A319 over France.
A Spirit Airlines A321 landing in St Maarten
A Spirit Airlines A321 landing in St Maarten.
Korean Air’s Children’s drawing livery 747
Korean Air’s Children’s drawing contest special livery 747 touching down in Seoul.
A flight following the great circle path between Abu Dhabi and Chicago
What’s a Great Circle?
With the focus on the jet stream and transatlantic flight this past week, we’ve fielded questions from those curious about why flights appear to ‘go out of their way’ when flying between continents. That’s where Great Circles come in!
See what's so great about Great Circles
UNDER THE RADAR - Bite size aviation news
Flight Global
AvTalk Podcast Logo
Aviation overload
From the Pegasus 737 overrun to Air Italy’s bankruptcy to designing our own A350 sippy cup, we put our spin on the news of the past two weeks.
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