Dear Sangha,
Mn. Yukon will be at the Temple this week as senior staff person, and will lead a Half-Day Sit on Saturday and offer Sunday's talk. (Please note that there will not be regularly scheduled zazen on Saturday morning.) Also this week, the Zen Kids program will meet on Saturday afternoon. Please see below for more information about upcoming programs.
Half-Day Sit: On Saturday, February 29th, Mn. Yukon will lead a Half-Day Sit from 8am-noon. These mornings of zazen amidst the sangha are a wonderful way to touch in with silence and stillness before heading off into the rest of your day.
Zen Kids: Also on Saturday, February 29th, the Zen Kids program will meet at the Temple from 2-4:30pm. Please bring a snack to have and to share, and please email Seijo ( if you plan to attend.
Sesshin, March 5th-8th: Coming up next week, Hogen Sensei will lead our March Sesshin, which will be a great way to begin Spring Ango practice in the City.
Characterized by silence, deep introspection, and the strength of the sangha practicing together, Sesshin is for anyone interested in intensifying their experience of zazen and Zen training within a community of practitioners and with the guidance of a teacher. Participants will sleep overnight at the Temple and engage in a full-day schedule of zazen, liturgy, oryoki (formal meals), work practice, and daily Dharma talks. Daisan (face-to-face teaching) with Hogen Sensei will be offered to all participants. Monastic staff will be present and will assist with training. 
Please note that this Sesshin may be joined on either Thursday or Friday, and extends through the Sunday morning program.
If this is your first Sesshin within the MRO, please call the training office (718-875-8229) to set up a pre-registration interview. A senior training staff person will review the Sesshin schedule with you, ask about your meditation experience, and assist you in preparing for Sesshin. Please contact the training office with any questions. We look forward to hearing from you!
Spring Ango Opening: And coming up on Sunday, March 8th, Spring Ango will begin at Fire Lotus Temple with an opening talk by Hogen Sensei during the Sunday program. Following the Sunday program, everyone is invited to stay for lunch. For this March-May period of intensive training, we will be focusing on Dogen's Mountains and Rivers Sutra.
A full schedule of Ango retreats and other programs will offered at the Temple, starting with a four-day Sesshin, March 5-8. These programs are open to all, including those not formally participating in Ango. For more information about Ango training, see the MRO's Ango website, or contact the Temple training staff.
Temple Training Staff
Sangha news
Diamond Net presents: 
Shugen Roshi speaking on Buddhist rituals for death and dying
Sunday, April 12th, 1-2:30pm, in the Sangha House at Zen Mountain Monastery
To find out more, or to join remotely via Zoom, please visit the Diamond Net program webpage, or email

For program information and registration, please see ZCNYC Retreats on the ZCNYC website 

Have a question? Contact us at (718) 875-8229 or

U p c o m i n g   E v e n t s

29 Half-Day Sit, 8am-12noon
A full morning of extended sitting. Lunch will be served following the sit.
29 Zen Kids, 2-4:30pm
The Zen Kids program will meet on Saturday afternoon.

5-8 Sesshin, with Hogen Sensei, Thursday, 5pm-Sunday, 12:30pm
This silent zazen intensive includes daily oryoki, talks, and daisan. Sesshin may be joined on Thursday or Friday. First-time sesshin registrants should contact the training office before registering.
A workshop offering poems, stories, and opportunities for direct experience in self-reflection using Naikan, a profound, yet simple, approach from Japan that can soften hearts, cultivate gratitude, and promote reconciliation and healthy relationships. 
21 Mother of All Buddhas: A Zazenkai for Women, with Hojin Sensei, 8am-6pm
A full-day silent zazen intensive, open to those who identify as women. Participants will have an opportunity for daisan with Sensei.
28 Half-Day Sit, 8am-12noon
A full morning of extended sitting. Lunch will be served following the sit.
28 Zen Kids, 2-4:30pm
The Zen Kids program will meet on Saturday afternoon.

Z a z e n   S c h e d u l e   f o r   t h i s   W e e k

Please note: there will not morning zazen on Saturday
Wednesday-Friday Morning

6:30 - 6:55 am -- Morning Zazen (Please be seated in the zendo no later than 6:25.)

6:55 - 7:05 -- Kinhin - Walking Meditation

7:05 - 7:30 -- Zazen

7:30 - 7:50 -- Morning Service


Tuesday-Saturday Evening

6:30 - 7:05 pm -- Evening Zazen (Please be seated in the zendo no later than 6:25.)

7:05 - 7:15 -- Kinhin - Walking Meditation

7:15 - 8:00 -- Zazen & Four Vows

Sunday Morning Program

8:30 am -- Caretaking Practice 

You are invited to come early and help prepare the Temple for Sunday services. 

9:30 am - 12:30 pm -- Liturgy, zazen & dharma talk followed by refreshments with the sangha.

(Beginning instruction in zazen is offered to those who are new to the Temple.)

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