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Blue icons show satellite-based ADS-B
Satellite-based ADS-B tracking now available to all Flightradar24 users
Satellite-based ADS-B data is now available on Flightradar24 and visible to all users, an industry first. Space-based coverage is indicated by blue icons on the web and in our app. We’re thrilled to be offering satellite-based ADS-B coverage and we’ll be adding even more coverage throughout the year.

Learn more about tracking flights with satellites
Decline in commercial flights in 2020
It’s nothing short of a crisis
This week on AvTalk, we welcome back The Air Current editor-in-chief John Ostrower for a wide-ranging, in-depth conversation as we try to understand the effects of the novel coronavirus COVID-19 on the aviation industry and what may happen next.
Listen to our conversation with The Air Current’s Jon Ostrower
Stored Boeing 737 MAX
The Boeing 737 MAX has been grounded for one year
The 737 MAX has been grounded worldwide for one year now. Boeing is still testing the revised software for the airplane and the company will rewire parts of the airplane after the FAA raised concerns about the wiring placement within the aircraft. 
See all our Boeing 737 MAX coverage and data
Hong Kong ILS deviations
Hong Kong investigating ILS deviations
The Hong Kong Air Accident Investigation Authority is investigating four incidents it rates as serious where aircraft on approach deviated from the Instrument landing system near the RIVER waypoint. All four flights landed safely.
See the preliminary reports
Airbus Formation flying
Airbus testing fuel saving, formation flying?
Two Airbus A350s are flying in formation over France today. Airbus has previously announced plans to test formation flying to study the effects on fuel saving. Track the flights at AIB65WB and AIB83IL.
Active A380s on 13 March
Airlines are parking their A380s
Airlines are parking their A380s as demand for travel plummets. Korean Air has parked their entire fleet, Qantas is only flying 2 of theirs, and Lufthansa is mulling how deep to cut. See which A380s are still flying by using aircraft filter code ‘A388’.
A380 fleet data
Boeing 777X
The Boeing 777X landing in Seattle.
Lufthansa A340
A Lufthansa A340 taxiing in New York.
An-22 flight deck
On the flight deck of the An-22, the world’s largest turboprop.
Airport Statistics for Milan
New airport statistics available
This week we released a new Statistics page in our airport data pages. When you click on the Statistics tab for an airport (Milan, for example) you'll now see the number of scheduled departures and the number of operated flights. We'll also be expanding these statistics in the near future.
Check out the new airport statistics
UNDER THE RADAR - Bite size aviation news
AvTalk Podcast Logo
AvTalk turns 3!
Our AvTalk podcast turns 3 this week. Take a look at the archives for a look back at past episodes.
Visit the AvTalk archives
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