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Shalom Emma
In light of the current COVID19 pandemic, Magen David Adom Australia has instigated a building entry policy we would like to share with you:
As of Wednesday 18 March, Magen David Adom in Israel is preparing to significantly increase the number of people being tested throughout the country, to thousands a day.  Most of the samples will be collected in Drive-thru complexes, to which citizens will arrive in their private vehicles, with the sample taken while they're sitting in the vehicle.
For this purpose, Magen David Adom, in collaboration with the Ministry of Health, decided to set up the drive through complex in Tel Aviv in the first phase, and later five more in Haifa, Jerusalem, Petah Tikva, Rishon Lezion and Be'er Sheva.  The complexes will operate 24 hours a day, and they are expected to reach hundreds to thousands of Israelis each day.  The complexes will be located in open areas, which allow for continuous entry and exit of vehicles, such as parking areas of football fields and parking lots.  Each of the complexes will be staffed by Magen David Adom teams, members of the Israeli police and security guards, who will maintain public order.  Patients who are unable to access the complex without the use of public transport will be able to do the sampling in their home, as it has been so far.
Anyone approved by a physician to be sampled will receive an SMS message with the details, and will be asked to arrive at the new compound at the specified time, will go through identification process while the team wear full anti-infectious gear, throughout the process, the tested person will remain in his vehicle, and then drive back directly to his home.
Last Tuesday a record was broken with 82,000 calls received at the MDA 101 hotline in one day and answered by about 500 dispatch center’s teams.  This is the highest number of calls ever.
*Blood Brothers*
As of March 17, 2020, some 324 Israelis have been diagnosed with Coronavirus, over 73,000 are in isolation, tens of thousands are confined to their homes due to cancellation of studies and the partial closure of the country, the country is in silence. This situation has created a real lack of blood donations and jeopardized Israel's blood supply.

In recent days, MDA's blood services asked the citizens to donate, and many Israelis have come to donate nationwide, donating blood and good will. However, the desired amount of blood has not yet been collected.

Those who responded and rushed to help are the Binyamin Regional Brigade fighters whose troops and staff donated dozens of additional units in a special donation campaign with MDA. The donations continued throughout the day, strictly adhering to the Ministry of Health's procedures to prevent the virus infection.
This is not the first time that the Yehuda and Samaria Brigade is rushing to join MDA and the citizens of the state, it was only last October that soldiers from the Samaria Brigade donated 1551 units, thus breaking the Israeli record for blood donation in one day!
The Medical Officer of the Binyamin Regional Brigade, Lieutenant Rotem Arbib: 'These days we are all fighting to minimize the spread of the Corona, and so now, more than ever, the State of Israel needs the initiative and giving of the soldiers for the public. I am proud that the soldiers of the "Benyamin" brigade were today harnessed for the blessed blood donation and life saving . "
* Professor Shinar, MDA Deputy Director General- Blood Services Added: "MDA's blood services are grateful to all the wonderful blood donors in the Benyamin Brigade who joined in the national effort to increase blood supply in Israel. By joining thousands of citizens and citizens who come to MDA donation sites around the country to save the lives of patients who need blood transfusions.
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