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March versus April air traffic
Then and Now
See how air traffic has changed in the last month with ‘before and after’ images from 
around the world.
See how air traffic has changed
Wuhan Airport flights
Wuhan reopens after 76 days
After a 76 day lockdown, Wuhan—including the airport—has reopened. The first flight to land was Xiamen Airlines flight MF8095 and the first to depart was China Eastern Airlines flight MU2527.
Track flights in Wuhan
Example Marine Traffic Map
Comparing notes
On this week’s episode of AvTalk, we're joined by Georgios Hatzimanolis from
 ship tracking service MarineTraffic to learn more about how COVID-19 is affecting the global economy in different ways.
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Stored Qantas A380s
Putting a plane into storage
Qantas has put together a good look at what it takes to store an aircraft for a long period of time but also keep it ready to fly again as soon as possible.
KLM 747 combi
KLM to return two of their 747 Combis to cargo service
After retiring their 747 passenger fleet last month, KLM will press two of their 747-400 Combi aircraft back into service carrying only cargo between Amsterdam and China. The Combi normally carries passengers in the front half of the aircraft and cargo on the main deck in the rear half. To track the Combis look for the 747-406(M) designation in the feet list.
See the KLM fleet
An-225 departing Kyiv
The unique An-225 set to fly this weekend
The An-225, the world’s largest cargo aircraft is set to depart this weekend for China to transport cargo to Warsaw. As always with largo cargo charters, schedules are subject to change, so set your alerts for registration UR-82060.
Follow the Antonov An-225
KLM 777 in maintenance
A KLM 777 undergoing maintenance in Amsterdam.
Boeing 787 performing at the Dubai air show
A Boeing 787 performing at the Dubai Air Show.
Lufthansa 747s
Two Lufthansa 747-8Is stored in Frankfurt.
Two aircraft flying a survey pattern
What’s happening here?
With the decline in air traffic around the world, the visibility of certain flights has attracted attention and we’ve received quite a few questions. Strange patterns, strange vehicles, and strange routes—we have answers.
See what these planes are doing
UNDER THE RADAR - Bite size aviation news
Financial Times
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Strange times mean strange routes
As they bring citizens home and transport medical supplies, airlines are flying a variety of odd and interesting routes. We highlight a few of the fascinating flights.
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