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Turkish Airlines draws a giant Turkish flag
This week in sky art tributes
Turkish Airlines took to the sky yesterday to draw the world’s largest national flag in celebration of Turkey's National Sovereignty and Children's Day.
Icelandair draws a hearth
Icelandair drew a heart over the two hospitals treating COVID-19 patients in Reykjavik.
This aircraft drew a tribute to the UK’s National Health Service (NHS).
And this pilot’s name is probably Robert.
How do you carry 90,000 people home in the middle of a pandemic?
We talk with Karan Singh of Lufthansa Group to learn how they operated over 400 repatriation flights for European citizens and some of the unique challenges that come from operating at airports not normally served by the airline.
Boutique Air PC-12 crash data
Boutique Air PC-12 makes emergency landing near Mesquite, Texas
A Boutique Air PC-12 made an emergency landing in a field near Mesquite, Texas, yesterday shortly after departure from Dallas/Ft Worth. The FAA stated the aircraft suffered a loss of engine power. Details on the occupant(s) are not yet fully known, but local news report that 1 person was transported to the hospital.
Pilot lands at all 3 major New York area airports
Sure, why not?
In normal times, performing touch-and-goes at the three major New York area airports in a small aircraft during a single flight would be unthinkable. But as commercial traffic has fallen to record lows, general aviation pilots have taken the opportunity to achieve such a feat on a regular basis. At least one pilot filmed his attempt.
The Antonov An-225
The Antonov An-225 will visit the US
Demand for medical supplies and equipment is so great right now that Antonov Airlines will send its An-124s and An-225 on multiple trips to the US. Schedules for the An-225 are not yet confirmed, but we’ll share that information on our dedicated An-225 page as soon as it is available.
Follow the An-225
A tribute to Jon Proctor
Jon Proctor, an aviation legend and aircraft photography pioneer, passed away this week. We're lucky enough to have over 1200 photos taken or edited by Jon in the JetPhotos catalog. His work spans the dawn of the Jet Age and introduction of some of the most familiar aircraft to still grace the skies. Blue skies, Jon.
See all of Jon’s photography here
A Pan American 707 in New York
A Pan American 707 in New York, 1966.
TWA Super Constellation in Chicago
A Trans World Airlines Super Constellation in Chicago, 1959.
American Airlines 720 in Los Angeles
The first aircraft, a Boeing 720, to wear a version of the now-iconic American Airlines livery. Seen here in Los Angeles, 1968.
Aircraft displayed with Call sign and flight numbers on Flightradar24
What’s the difference between a call sign and a flight number?
Each flight can be identified by its call sign and flight number, but what's the difference and why does it matter? We clear up some call sign confusion.
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A note for Android users
An issue with the Google Maps API affecting all Android apps that use Google Maps has caused the app to crash. Google Maps has stated that they are implementing a fix, but it may be 48 hours before all issues are resolved. We apologize for any inconvenience.
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How do you show you CARES?
Seth Miller returns to the show to explain how airlines are navigating the complex rules of the CARES Act to receive payroll grants.
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