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3 brown bears transported by Ural Airlines
Good news bears!
On Thursday Ural Airlines transported 3 brown bears from Yekaterinburg to a wildlife center in
 Khabarovsk. The motherless bears were found as young cubs and will continue their rehabilitation at their new home.

In other Ural Airlines news, the airline is offering meal delivery to residents in Moscow, St. Petersburg and Yekaterinburg. Meals will be served exactly as they would on a flight.
May 2016-April 2020 Total Flights tracked by Flightradar24
On the rise?
Total flights were down 62% in April compared to 2019. Commercial flights were down 73.7%. After a record low on 12 April, flights have trended upwards.
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Qatar 787 weathercocking in Doha
A Qatar 787 spins right round
During sustained strong winds and heavy rain on Thursday, a Qatar Airways 787 in Doha was turned by the wind and subsequently rolled into an A350 parked on the adjacent stand. 
See video of the incident
Airbus' modified cabin interior for cargo pallets
Airbus making it easier to carry cargo in the passenger cabin
Airbus is developing a solution for installing cargo pallets directly on the seat rails of its A330 and A350 family aircraft after the seats have been removed, making it easier for airlines to convert their passenger aircraft to dedicated freighters. 
American Airlines 767
American Airlines retiring five fleet types
American Airlines is removing five fleet types from service, including the 757 and 767. Also leaving are the A330-300 sub-fleet, E190s, and CRJ-200s operated by PSA. The E190s and 767s were already scheduled to retire this year while the others have been moved forward.
See the American Airlines fleet
Boeing’s 2nd 777X test aircraft
The second 777X takes off
The second Boeing 777X test aircraft flew for the first time this week as Boeing accelerates its certification program for its largest twin-engine aircraft ever.
The Antonov An-225
The Antonov An-225 in North America
The An-225 will fly from Anchorage to Montreal today with medical supplies for Quebec. It is slated to fly to additional destinations in the US later in May.
Follow the An-225
An IL-76 in Maastricht
A Volga Dnepr Airlines Il-76 in Maastricht.
SmartWings 737 flight deck
Final approach in Moscow on the flight deck of a SmartWings 737.
Fiji Airways A350 landing in Salt Lake City
A Fiji Airways A350 landing in Salt Lake City
BeyondClouds "flight lapse"
Enjoy a few minutes of peace at 31,000 feet
We thought a little peace and quiet was in order this week, so we're calling back to Swiss pilot Sales Wick’s stunning ‘flight lapse’ shot between Zurich and São Paulo.
Watch the full ‘flight lapse’
UNDER THE RADAR - Bite size aviation news
AIN Online
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Denials, exemptions, and the triangle route makes a comeback
We spend some time analyzing what airlines are doing to meet their minimum service requirements under the CARES Act.
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