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Total and Commercial flights tracked 2019-2020
A tale of two recoveries
Total flights tracked rose at a much faster pace than commercial flights as airlines cautiously increased their operations. Numbers in both categories are still well below 2019 levels, with commercial flights down 70.8% from May of last year.
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British Airways A320 family aircraft in storage
What’s next: our roundtable discussion on what comes next for the aviation industry
Air traffic is slowly growing, but passenger demand remains far below what it was just a few short months ago. We host a roundtable discussion to see what it will take to get passengers and pilots back in the air and how airlines might be impacted by a likely second wave of COVID-19 cases.
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ICAO’s CART issues guidance for restarting air travel
The International Civil Aviation Organization’s Council Aviation Recovery Task Force issued guidance for safely reopening this week for airlines, airports, and other aviation industry organizations as air travel ticks up.
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PK8303 CVR
French BEA analyzing PK8303 data recorders
The French BEA is currently analyzing the data recorders from PK8303, which crashed in Karachi a few weeks ago. 
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Air India flight returns to Delhi
Air India flight to Moscow returns after pilot tests positive for COVID-19
An Air India flight to Moscow to repatriate Indian citizens turned around mid-flight after test results confirmed one pilot positive for COVID-19. It is unclear if there was a miscommunication about the results prior to the flight or if the test results were only confirmed mid-flight. A replacement flight departed from Delhi a few hours later. 
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Berlin Tegel Airport
Berlin Tegel Airport to stay open into November
After announcing Berlin-Tegel would close in June, the airport operator now says it will stay open into November, past the opening date of the new Berlin-Brandenburg Airport now scheduled to open in October of this year.
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Operation Thanks from Above DC-3
Operation Thanks from Above
76 years after leading the second wave of aircraft on D-Day, N345AB will head a different kind of operation, leading a flyover of vintage aircraft in western New York as a tribute to healthcare workers fighting COVID-19. The flight will depart at 10:00 ET (14:00 UTC) on 6 June.
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DLR’s HALO Aircraft
Follow the DLR’s BLUESKY tests
How has the drop in air traffic across Europe affected air quality? That's what the German Aerospace Centre is studying with its BLUESKY research program. Follow the DLR’s Gulfstream G550 and Falcon aircraft as the research continues.
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ZipAir 787
ZIPAIR gets off the ground with cargo
Japan Airlines’ low cost carrier ZipAir began service this week. Their 787, which wears one of the most inspiring liveries to have ever been painted on an aircraft, is operating cargo only flights to and from Tokyo for the time being.
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British Airways 747 in Landor livery
The British Airways 747 in Landor heritage livery stored at Bournemouth.
American Airlines A330 landing in London
An American Airlines A330 landing in London.
Atlas Air 747 main landing gear touching down
An Atlas Air 747 setting down on its main landing gear in Amsterdam.
Visibility settings
Want to only see aircraft tracked by space-based ADS-B or see which aircraft are still being tracked by MLAT? Visit Settings > Visibility, where you can easily adjust which data sources you see as well as show/hide ground vehicles and gliders.
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A leaky seal
A leaky seal was the likely initial link in the chain of events that eventually led to the first officer being partially sucked out of Sichuan Airlines flight 8633.
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