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Qantas kangaroo sky art
Qantas bids farewell to the 747 with a giant kangaroo
VH-OEJ drew a 63,000 square kilometer kangaroo off the coast of Australia after a low altitude tour of Sydney. The last Qantas 747 will depart Los Angeles on its final flight to Mojave today at 16:00 UTC.
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A Lufthansa 747-8I
Not done yet! You can still find a passenger 747 to fly on
We haven't yet reached the point where you'll need to squeeze into a shipping crate to fly on 747, but with British Airways retiring their fleet last week the number of available aircraft is now below 100.
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Ethiopian 777F ET-ARH on fire
Definitely done
Ethiopian Airlines Cargo 777F ET-ARH caught fire during cargo loading in Shanghai this week. No injuries were reported, but the aircraft suffered substantial damage. The cause of the fire is under investigation.
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PS752 Flight data recorder
French investigators complete analysis of PS752 ‘Black boxes’
French investigators with the BEA completed technical analysis and read out of the PS752 Flight Data Recorder and Cockpit Voice Recorder this week. PS752 was shot down by an Iranian missile in early January.
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W5 1152 speed and altitude graph
Mahan Air A310 encounter with US F-15s leads to minor injuries
Iran says a US F-15 came dangerously close to a Mahan Air A310, while the US military says the jet came no closer than 1 kilometer. ADS-B data and video from onboard the passenger aircraft indicate the pilot of the A310 conducted a vertical maneuver in reaction to the F-15’s presence. Minor injuries were reported.
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Mexican government 787
Mexican government brings its 787 out of storage
After sitting in storage in Victorville since December 2018, the Mexican government’s 787 returned to Mexico this week. It's unclear if the aircraft has finally been sold or if it will be put into service. The government previously held an unsuccessful raffle for the aircraft.
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Our favorite photos from Qantas’ last 747 departure from Sydney.
VH-OEJ over the Sydney Opera House
VH-OEJ on a low pass over the Sydney Opera House.
Water salute before departure
VH-OEJ receives a water salute prior to its final departure from Sydney.
VH-OEJ over Wollongong
VH-OEJ making a low pass over Wollongong, the home of the HARS Aviation Museum and retired fleet mate VH-OJA.
Sky art examples
Who drew it best?
We take a look at some of our favorite works of sky art, from a 787 drawn with a 787 to hearts over Malta to celebrate a wedding.
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