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A Boeing 747 in production
Boeing confirms end of 747 production
In its quarterly report this week, Boeing confirmed production of the 747 will conclude in 2022 when the current order book is completed. The manufacturer also announced production changes for its other aircraft, including drops in 787 and 777/777X production rates.
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787 flight deck
How do pilots keep up their training in a pandemic?
Keeping pilots current in a pandemic is a big challenge. Here's how pilots, airlines, and regulators are adapting.
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Chart of percentage of flights operated out of total scheduled by carriers in each region
Schedules meet reality
The gap between airline schedules and what they actually fly has widened during the pandemic. ICF looks at where and how that's happened.
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Departures from mainland China’s 25 busiest airports through 28 July
Beijing recovering, lockdowns in Urumqi and Dalian
Flights in China were slightly up in July, with an average of 7500 daily departures compared to 7300 in June. Beijing still lags after a late June COVID-19 lockdown, while Urumqi and Dalian have now entered their own lockdowns following a resurgence in cases.
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Stored United Airlines 737s
Check your valves
The FAA issued an emergency airworthiness directive last week requiring operators of 737s that have recently returned from storage to inspect the 5th stage bleed air valve. Corrosion can cause the valve to stick and cause an inflight shut down.
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Antonov An-225
Antonov An-225 flying this week
Antonov’s six-engined An-225 is back to work this week. Currently en route to Bangor, it will fly back to Europe and on to the Middle East by next week.
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Comet Neowise over a Conair Convair
Comet Neowise over a Conair Convair.
Volotea 717
A Volotea 717 makes an early morning arrival in Santorini
Looking down on an An-124 at Chateauroux.
Titan Airways 757
A challenging approach
A Titan Airways 757 became the largest aircraft to land on St Helena this week. The remote island in the middle of the South Atlantic Ocean is known for its challenging conditions. 
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UNDER THE RADAR - Bite size aviation news
Dallas Morning News
AvTalk Podcast Logo
Running the numbers
Not a lot of great financial news for airlines this quarter, but we dig into the numbers and find some bright spots, mostly in boxes.
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