Hello Fire Lotus Sangha,

We are pleased to resume our Temple Notes email newsletter, which will be sent the first and third Monday of each month. Upcoming programs include our next monthly Zoom meeting for Temple sangha on August 27th, opportunities for outdoor zazen in the City, and ongoing MRO Zoom and Livestream programs open to all. Also, we are happy to report that Hogen Sensei is recovering well from knee replacement surgery. More sangha news and program details are below.
Temple Training Staff
Residency Opportunity at the Temple
If you are interested, please contact the training office at zmmtrain@dharma.net.
Although it will still be some time before we are able to reopen the Temple for daily zazen, Sunday programs, or onsite retreats, we now have protocols in place for those wishing to do a period of residency. This would be ideal for a formal MRO 
student or sangha member who has had Zen training and is able to maintain a strong self–guided practice in a small community.
ZCNYC Sangha Meeting: Thursday, August 27th, 6:30-8:00pm
A Zoom link and reading material will be sent to the Temple Notes email list in advance of the meeting.
Please join us!
Drawing by Kiho.
These monthly meetings are designed to help us practice our sangha treasure while the Temple building is closed. We will begin with zazen, followed by a Noble Path Talk, and conclude with Dharma study on the Paramita practices of generosity, ethical conduct, patience, joyful effort, meditation, and wisdom.  
Noble Path Talks will bring a diversity of voices and experiences from our community as we listen to a sangha member offer a 15 minute talk reflecting on and sharing their path to Dharma practice. What brought us to the Dharma? How is that spark alive now? How is our practice helping us now? 

Next meetings are scheduled for October 1, October 29, and November 12.  A Zoom link will be sent to the Temple Notes email list in advance of each date.
Zazen in Prospect Park. Photo by Joshin.
Outdoor Zazen in City Parks
All are invited to join in socially-distanced zazen in parks around the City. For more information, email a contact person listed below or call or email the ZCNYC office (zcnyc@dharma.net or 718-875-8229).
Tuesday, August 4, 7-8:10am, at Cobble Hill Park, Clinton St., between Verandah Place and Congress Street. Contact: Roo (dec413@gmail.com).
Tuesday, August 4, 6:30-8pm, at Fort Greene Park. Meet at the bottom of the 
stairs next to the obelisk/monument. Contact: Joshin (svalle182@gmail.com).

Saturday, August 8, 12-4pm, at Prospect Park music pagoda. Contact: Yunen (patrickyunen@gmail.com).
Tuesday, August 11, 7-8:10am, at Cobble Hill Park, Clinton St., between Verandah Place and Congress Street. Contact: Roo (dec413@gmail.com).

Tuesday, August 11, 6:30-8pm, at Fort Greene Park. Meet at the bottom of the 
stairs next to the obelisk/monument. Contact: Joshin (svalle182@gmail.com).
MRO Sangha Practice Groups on Zoom
For more information, please see the MRO Staying Connected webpage.
Gikon, Marie, and Tanya.
Study group on the teachings Ajahn Chah, facilitated by senior lay student Michelle Seigei Spark: every Wednesday, 6:30-8pm.
Black, Indigenous and People of Color Sangha Practice Group: bimonthly Wednesday evenings, 6:30-8pm, scheduled for August 5th and 19th, September 2nd, 16th, and 30th, October 14th and 28th, and November 11th.

LGBTQ+ Affinity Group: monthly, on each Sunday following One Continuous Thread, 1:30-3pm. The next date is August 23.
A message from Hogen Sensei
Dear Sangha,

With all my appreciation and love to you for the many emails, video clips, notes and cards, books and music and liturgies sending healing energies my way. It has been received with the love and gratitude that it was offered with. All this support and love has been crucial to the healing process. While I have not been able to respond to everyone during this immediate, post op period, your support has been palpable and crucial in this journey.
I had a double total knee replacement on July 10 and spent 10 days in a rehab hospital following the surgery. I returned home last Thursday and began a rigorous out patient physical therapy. Overall I am doing quite well and expect continued progress.
I will join some online activities as I am able, and will very gradually return to teaching and other online events. While this has not been a fun experience, I understand and appreciate the chance to turn this challenge towards a practice of a deepening appreciation for our life together in the dharma.
All my love,
One-to-One Meetings with Senior Lay Students
For contact information, please see the MRO Online Programs webpage.
During these unusual and stressful times, you may find it helpful to speak with a lay practitioner about tending to your practice or taking care of the challenges that life is presenting these days. Senior lay students are available for one-on-one phone or video calls.
Upcoming ZMM online programs
For the full program schedule, please see the MRO Online Programs webpage.
Hojin Sensei.  
Fridays, August 7th, 14th, and 28th, 10:30am-12pm:
Buddhadharma teaches that our life can be experienced as a miraculous display of awakened nature in which all phenomena spring from the same source, 
the ordinary magic of mind. In this series, we will practice the wonder of how to meet the many aspects of ourselves, our materials, and objects with loving attention, opening the senses every moment as a changing, shifting display.
You may participate in the whole series, or come for one or more sessions.
Saturday, August 15,10am-3:30pm:
Finding Time to Listen: a writing retreat with Christian McEwen, hosted by Hojin Sensei
One of life’s great joys is finding time to listen—whether to a beloved friend or family member, to one’s own quiet interior self, or to the many voices of the non-human world: birdsong, wild wind, river’s sweep, and more. During this day, we will identify sources for the listener’s delight, and share ways to grow them into poems, letters, stories.
Every Sunday:
Sunday morning program at Zen Mountain Monastery, via Livestream.com/MRO
9:00-9:30: liturgy service
9:35-10:55: zazen
11:00-11:50: dharma discourse
Beginning Instruction will be offered via Zoom from 9:45-10:45am on August 9th.
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Temple Notes Slack Channel
The MRO's Slack site has a new channel for Temple Notes announcements, where everyone is welcome to post news and events of interest to our sangha. Events announced on Slack will also be included in each newsletter. For August 17th Temple Notes, please post your announcements to Slack before August 14th. Thank you to all for your contributions! 
Recent posts:
Tommy Smoot is organizing a socially-distanced bike ride on August 15th at 6:30pm. Please reach out to Tommy on Slack for more information.
Kiho posted a link to a NYC Site Finder where folks can find basic services in their local area.
Outdoor zazen altar in Fort Greene Park. Photo by Kiho.
For Mountains and Rivers Order announcements and programs, please see Online Programs on the MRO website 

Have a question? Contact us at (718) 875-8229 or zcnyc@dharma.net

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