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Air India Express 737 runway overrun
Air India Express flight suffers runway overrun in Kozhikode
Air India Express flight 1344 from Dubai overran the runway on landing at Kozhikode in poor weather. Investigators are examining the weather conditions, the location of touchdown on the runway, and the airport design. 
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Stored Lufthansa aircraft
Check your orifices before returning to flight
EASA is warning operators of aircraft that are returning to service after storage to ensure there are no blockages of pitot tubes or static port orifices after multiple reports of unreliable airspeed and altitude data on these aircraft.
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A380 and 747
Which will you miss more?
On this episode of AvTalk, Ian makes Jason explain his statement: “I'll miss the A380 more than the 747 when both are eventually retired from passenger service.” We also dig in to the FAA’s proposed airworthiness directive for the 737 MAX and we review some of the public comments thus far.
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Air France A319
Flying during the pandemic: Air France from Stockholm to Paris
What's it like flying in Europe during the pandemic? Gabriel Leigh reports on his flights with Air France between Stockholm and Paris.
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Luxair’s new special livery 737
Luxair’s Sumo special livery 737
Luxair partnered with artist Sumo for this special livery on one of its 737s. Now flying throughout Europe, each side of the aircraft is unique.
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Etihad’s ecoDemonstrator
Etihad’s ecoDemonstrator 787
Etihad is the latest airline to parter with Boeing and aerospace companies on an ecoDemonstrator aircraft. The 787-10 will be used as a test bed for new technologies designed to reduce fuel consumption and make flying more efficient overall.
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Hainan’s new special livery 787
Hainan’s new special livery 787
Hainan Airlines, formerly of Kung Fu Panda special livery fame, has now painted one of its 787s in a special Hainan Free Trade Port special livery.
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Air Austral 777
An Air Austral 777 departing Paris.
Qantas A380s stored in Victorville
Qantas A380s in long-term storage at Victorville.
Etihad 787
Etihad’s “Choose Thailand” 787 departing Chicago during golden hour.
Flightradar24 daily tracking statistics
Recovery continues, but slowly
Flight activity continues to increase, but at a slower pace. Last Friday we tracked more than 70,000 commercial flights for the first time since March and today might beat that.
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Major fleet changes are still coming
Hundreds of 737 MAX orders have been canceled so far this year and airlines are now downsizing their widebody orders as well. We explain. 
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