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AA1997 flight path
’Tower, American 1997, we just passed a guy in a jetpack’
Pilots on American Airlines flight 1997 and at least one other flight reported seeing someone wearing a jetpack flying at 3000 feet near the final approach to Los Angeles (LAX) on Sunday. The person has not yet been identified, but the FBI has begun an investigation. 
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David Blaine lifting off with his bunch of balloons
David Blaine straps himself of a bunch of balloons
We told you it's been a weird week. On Wednesday, David Blaine strapped himself to 52 helium balloons and floated up to 25,000 feet before parachuting back to earth. We care mostly because the bunch of balloons had an ADS-B transponder, a first as far as we're aware.
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El Al Tel Aviv to Abu Dhabi flight
El Al makes historic flight from Tel Aviv to Abu Dhabi
On Monday, El Al conducted the first non-stop commercial flight from Tel Aviv to Abu Dhabi, a historic achievement following an agreement between Israel and the UAE to normalize relations. The flight also traveled over Saudi Arabia, marking the first time an El Al flight has traversed the Kingdom’s airspace.
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Lifemed Alaska King Air flight path
Alaskan community lights runway with vehicles for air ambulance
Igiugig, Alaska sprang into action last week when a medevac flight couldn't land in the dark due to broken runway lights. While the Lifemed Alaska King Air circled the airport, residents lined the runway with vehicles, illuminating it enough to enable the aircraft to land safely.
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Commercial flights 2019 vs 2020
Commercial traffic growth slows in August
Commercial flight growth slowed significantly in August, with traffic rising only 10.4% above July as the summer season comes to an end. Commercial flights were 45.2% below August 2019 levels, a slight improvement over the 50% decline year-over-year in July.
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AIRTEC BT-67, a converted DC-3
In its ninth decade of service, the DC-3’s future is bright
The DC-3 first flew in mid-1930s but shows no signs of slowing down. From the jungles of South America to the remote outposts of Antarctica, the venerable aircraft remains indispensable.
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Qatar A350 landking in Phuket
A Qatar Airways A350 landing in Phuket.
Air Baltic A220
An Air Baltic A330 in the fog in Tallinn.
L-1011 Stargazer
The world’s only flying L-1011, Northrup Grumman’s ‘Stargazer’ landing in San Bernardino.
Playback in the Flightradar24 app
Playback comes to the app!
Playback is now available in the app! Replay all flights around the world in our iOS and Android app with the latest version. Update in the App Store or Play Store today to start using Playback.
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Where is the aviation industry?
In our latest episode we take a look at the state of the aviation industry and don't really like what we see. Fortunately, there are a few bright spots.
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