Dear Sangha Friend,
In this unseasonably warm autumn, we're savoring the Mountain's vibrant display of color and moving into our final month of the ango training period. And yet, though it feels quite distant this week, winter is right around the corner. The first highlight of that magical season is the Buddha's Enlightenment Vigil which takes place both at the Monastery and the Zen Center of NYC on the weekend of December 8-10. The Vigil begins on Bodhi Day, recognized as an anniversary of sorts commemorating the Buddha's enlightenment. But it also honors our own commitment to awakening by giving us the space to encounter our deepest aspiration in a setting that is both supportive and open. Read more on the program page
Also in December, we're holding our 29th annual Dana Dinner, a free and festive holiday celebration for Catskill community members who might not otherwise have such an opportunity this season. Many families and individuals from the sangha join us for the day or the whole weekend to help make this event a success each year. Dana Dinner takes place December 16. To donate or volunteer your time, click here.
Looking Ahead 
On the weekend of January 12-14, Trudi Jinpu Hirsch-Abramson returns to the Monastery. Jinpu trained as a monastic for a number of years at ZMM and was later ordained as a Zen priest and has worked extensively in the field of hospital chaplaincy. Her retreat on Death and Dying, which was very well attended and received the last time she offered it here, is entitled Allowing Death to Teach Us How to Live. If you've ever wondered how to make the study of impermanence an active, transformative, and even joyful practice, consider joining us for this program.
Important Dates for November
11/1  7pm        Hungry Ghost Ceremony
11/2   7pm       Buddhist Studies session 5 with Shugen Roshi
11/3 - 11/5       Introduction to Zen Training Weekend with Shugen Roshi (This program is full.)
11/10  7:30pm   Fusatsu Ceremony with Shugen Roshi
11/11  7pm      Sangha Treasure meeting (for active MRO sangha members)
11/10 - 11/12   Sangha Treasure Weekend with Shugen Roshi and MRO Seniors
11/12  9am      Zen Kids and Teens program
11/12 - 11/19   Shuso Hossen Sesshin (This program is full.) 
11/24 - 11/26   Introduction to Zen Training Weekend with Shugen Roshi
Please don't let financial issues prevent you from attending a program at the Monastery.
If you can't afford the program fee, there are options.
Sunday Morning Program
The Sunday Program is open to the public and offered every week of the year. If it's your first visit, you'll receive beginning instruction in zazen (Zen meditation) and an orientation to the Monastery.
9am-noon: Liturgy, zazen, and dharma talk
Noon-1pm: Lunch & clean-up
Please arrive by 8:45am and plan to stay for the whole morning. $5 suggested donation.
Wednesday Evening Zazen
Beginning instruction in zazen offered weekly except during sesshin; please check our calendar or call first to confirm. 
March-December: 7:30-9pm
January-February: 6:30-8pm

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