Dear Sangha,
Hogen Sensei returned home on Sunday afternoon, due to family circumstances. He plans to return to the Temple this Friday, April 13th, to offer daisan, lead the Zazenkai on Saturday, and give Sunday's talk. (Please note that there will not be regularly scheduled zazen on Saturday morning or evening.) Shoan will be here this week as senior staff person. Please see below for more information about upcoming programs.
Zazenkai: On Saturday, April 14th, Hogen Sensei will lead a Zazenkai from 8am-6pm. This full day of extended sitting includes oryoki lunch, a talk, and daisan with Hogen.
Staff Position Available: The Fire Lotus Temple is seeking a staff member to help maintain the Temple for all who pass through its doors. The position may be full time or half time and includes being in residence at the Temple. This is a work-scholarship position: in exchange for service: the staff person will receive Zen training, a private room, meals, and time off each week. The staff person should be someone who practices within the MRO and wants to be immersed in dharma practice and maintaining the Fire Lotus Temple as a place of refuge and Zen training. To find out more, see the  position description or call the office at (718) 875-8229.
Can you offer a ride to the Monastery? If you need a ride or can offer a ride to Zen Mountain Monastery, see the RideShare Board on the Monastery's website. Rides from the city to the Monastery are often requested, so if you are driving and can take a passenger, please sign up. Thank you!
Temple Training Staff


For more information about programs at the Temple, please visit our website

or contact us at (718) 875-8229 or

To register for a retreat, please call or email the Temple office.

U p c o m i n g   E v e n t s

14 Zazenkai, with Hogen Sensei, 8am-6pm
A full-day silent zazen intensive. Participants will haven an opportunity for daisan with Hogen.
19 Sangha Treasure Meeting, 6:30-7:30pm
An opportunity to share our experience of practice and training together, using small groups and peer facilitation..
21 Learning to Pause: A Creative Writing Retreat, with Christian McEwen, 10am-4pm
This day-long workshop will focus on the pleasure of everyday activities - walking, talking, writing, drawing, telling stories - and how these may be a gateway to more sustained creative work..
28 Half-Day Sit, with Shoan, 8am-12noon
A full morning of extended sitting. Lunch will served following the sit.
10 Fusatsu, with Hojin Sensei, 6:30-7:30pm
Fusatsu, or "Renewal of Vows," is a ceremony based on the teachings of the Buddhist precepts. It includes liturgy and a talk by the officiant, each focusing on the moral teachings of the Buddha.
12 Zazenkai, with Hojin Sensei, 8am-6pm
A full-day silent zazen intensive. Participants will have an opportunity for daisan with Hojin.
19 Of Memory and Magic: A Day of Discovering the Details, with Hojin Sensei and Bethany Senkyu Saltman, 10am-4pm
An art and body practice retreat devoted to exploring our stories and playing with the poetry of our lives, through guided meditation, movement, words, and drawing.
26 Half-Day Sit, 8am-noon
A full morning of extended sitting. Lunch will be served following the sit.
26 Zen Kids, 2-4:30pm
The Zen Kids program will meet on Saturday afternoon.

Z a z e n   S c h e d u l e   f o r   t h i s   W e e k


Please note there will not be morning or evening zazen on Saturday


Wednesday-Friday Morning

6:30 - 6:55 am -- Morning Zazen (Please be seated in the zendo no later than 6:25.)

6:55 - 7:05 -- Kinhin - Walking Meditation

7:05 - 7:30 -- Zazen

7:30 - 7:50 -- Morning Service

Tuesday-Friday Evening

6:30 - 7:05 pm -- Evening Zazen (Please be seated in the zendo no later than 6:25.)

7:05 - 7:15 -- Kinhin - Walking Meditation

7:15 - 8:00 -- Zazen & Four Vows

Sunday Morning Program

8:30 am -- Caretaking Practice 

You are invited to come early and help prepare the Temple for Sunday services. 

9:30 am - 12:30 pm -- Liturgy, zazen & dharma talk followed by refreshments with the sangha.

(Beginning instruction in zazen is offered to those who are new to the Temple.)

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