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Be bold and mighty forces will come to your aid.
-- Theater director, Chris Coleman to his cast.
Short version of words attributed to Goethe and W.H. Murray in The Millionth Circle
April 23, 2018
Traveling to  India -  5WCW my “Assignment”
Momentum - Synchronicity
Dear Friends:
Coming up for me—a trip to New Delhi, India, to further my efforts to have a UN 5th World Conference on Women. In Moving Toward the Millionth Circle, I define “assignment” as an inner Yes! to three questions: “Is it meaningful? Will it be fun? and Is it motivated by love?” This is why I am going to India and will be speaking at the Women’s Economic Forum 2018 (April 26 - May 1) with the intuition that there will be receptive audiences and individuals, who will take on influencing their government to have 5WCW in India. Though I persist in my advocacy, 5WCW is not an end in itself, but a means to an end, which is equality and empowerment of women in all important decisions. I was reminded of this after the missile strike on Syria, when WUNRN (Women’s UN Report Network), sent out an atypical report, “Men Make War: Women Want Peace!  Photo of Child in War + Poem on Women and Peace” (WUNRN April 14, 2018). there was horror in the face of the blood-splattered girl child whose parents were killed by soldiers, the poem was one that I had written: "Women - Untapped Source of Peace" in Urgent Message From Mother. 
Just as a child may be why a parent takes on an assignment, so can a book do this for an author: The Millionth Circle inspired several women attending the Parliament of the World’s Religions in CapeTown, South Africa to involve me in the millionth circle initiative, which was organized in 2001 and why I went to  the UN in 2002. There I heard how the Beijing conference (4WCW, 1995) had inspired women who went as young women and now were leaders of NGOs, held positions in their governments or were at the UN in the four entities concerned with women’s issues. I learned that no further women’s conferences were planned. This was before the widespread use of the internet and before there were mobile phones. It was also before the current tide of international feminism began to rise.  Since the Beijing Platform for Action, more issues have emerged, which is why the UN Secretary General and President of the General Assembly in a 2012 Joint Statement asked the General Assembly for a resolution for a 5th Women’s conference (Link to statement on Lobbying against this resolution succeeded in stopping it from reaching a vote then. If India introduced a resolution for a UN 5WCW and offered to be host country, the general consensus is that it would pass and then would take three years of preparation before the conference was held.
Ambassador Chowdhury (next to Elly Pradervand)
on the “We Rise! We Rise! We Rise Together! panel.
Click on the player to view on YouTube
5WCW Momentum Growing with the Rising Tide of Feminism
Report from New York-UNCSW: Two thousand bright blue buttons with 5WCW in white and India 2022 in orange were given to NGO delegates at events during the two weeks of meetings. Each fit into the palm of a hand, and the usual immediate response was to look at it, and say, “I want to go to this!” or “I hope I’m still up to going when it happens!”  Each spontaneous response was like an affirmation, an energy contribution to  the eventual reality. It also was a reflection about what had changed in me. After talking with Harbeen Arora in India, who put 2022 forward as the date, I had gone from knowing that there should be a 5WCW to an inner  certainty that it will happen. The rising tide of feminism as seen with women’s marches, #meToo movement, and elections could be felt at the UN. Younger women were NGO delegates.
I had organized a panel, “We Rise! We Rise! We Rise Together! (UN CSW Parallel Event 3/14/18). We rose together—the metaphor was fitting, as each of us spoke about what we individually had been spending years doing, and how 5WCW would further the causes we were committed to: Elly Pradervand, Pam Rajput, Ambassador Anwarul K Chowdhury, Mikiko Otani, Rosemary Williams. I opened the panel with the humming song of my Tibetan bell connecting us with each other and the audience at the heart chakra level. Something magical happened —such as when musicians improvise around a theme, each contributing a solo, with the result a one-time performance that was a privilege to be part of, there wasn’t a large audience, but the effect has an influential reach because it was filmed by two independent videographers, Ashley Young and Vinanti Sarkar. Ambassador Chowdhury was asked, “a loaded question:” “Will a 5th World Conference on Women undo the Beijing Platform for Action?” (The basis of Opposition to 5WCW from two former presidents of NGOCSW-NY, among others). He said, “The answer is “No!”  with precedents of other major UN conferences, and from his positions at the UN, he is convincing. (Click link HERE for the home page of for a slice of the panel, and his answer). 
Synchronistic Meetings during the UN CSW:
Elly Pradervand and I met with Ambassador Tanya Lal, Deputy Permanent Representative of India to the UN, to set in motion official notice of NGO-grassroots efforts to get support from the government of India to become host country for 5WCW. He said he would send our information up the channels. Then thanks to Vinanti Sarkar, (Voices of Women Worldwide-VOV-TV) just before the panel, we met with Sandeep Chakravorty Consul General of India, who was enthusiastic in his support, pinned on a 5WCW India 2022 button, was photographed with us and said he would support this with his government. Arrangements such as these are not easy to arrange. I couldn’t have done so myself, but with help and synchronicity, they happened. I also spent an evening at a small musical soiree at the Hungarian Mission to the UN. Ambassador Katalin Bogyay, who had begun holding “Circles of UN Women Ambassadors” lunch meetings, had been introduced to me and The Millionth Circle by Ashley Young who had videotaped the first of these. I also attended an invitation only event for the UN International Day of Happiness (March 20), which is about how “progress” should be about increasing  human happiness and well-being, not just growing the economy. Everyone i met seemed to be “somebody.” We exchanged business cards. When the resolution for 5WCW is brought back to the UN General Assembly, these ambassadors and others would I believe, support it

Support a UN 5th World Conference on Women (5WCW)

Petition - Support a UN 5th World Conference on Women (5WCW) - GoPetition
Let’s break through 20,000! Click the logo above to sign and to see the list of prominent signatories, and listen to Ambassador Chowdhury talk about the opposition to 5WCW and what we need to do.
 “We, the undersigned, call on the UN General Assembly, UN Women
and affiliated CSW NGOs to support a 5th World Conference on Women."
2018 Events
For more details - go to Events on my website 
April 26 - May 1, 2018 - New Delhi, India
Women’s Economic Forum 2018
Jean will be attending, and participate on panels
Annual WEF New Delhi will be held at Hotel Taj Dwarka
Dwarka, New Delhi 110075 India
May 18-20, 2018:  Big Sur CA
Esalen Institute – Women's Weekend Retreat
Grail, Goddess, Circles and the Sacred Feminine
Location:  Esalen Institute, Big SurCA 
May 27-June 1, 2018 – Asheville, NC
The Haden Institute - Haden Summer Dream and Spirituality Conference
Keynote:  Reflections about the Soul and the Journey:  
How Did You Get Here?  How Did I Get Here?
Workshop:  Reflections on the Soul and the Journey: Questions and Amplifications
August 24-26, 2018 – London, UK 
Worcester College, University of Oxford 
2018 Oxford Conference Theme: "The Still Point and the Turning World"
Speakers: Jean Shinoda Bolen, M.D. and Monica Williams, Ph.D.
"Emergence of Feminine Wisdom and the End of Patriarchy?" --- Jean
"Where the Spirit of these Times meets the Spirit of the Depths" --- Monika
"Moving Toward the Millionth Circle" --- Jean
"Prayer for the World Soul: Experience of Ash and its Alchemical Mysteries" --- Monica 
Guild of Pastoral Psychology Oxford Conference
November 1 -7, 2018 - Toronto, Canada
Parliament of the World’s Religion
Attending with conveners of the Millionth Circle
With love, hope, perseverance, trust, and gratitude,


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