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July 2018 Newsletter 
A Message from Alan Hays…
Lake County Supervisor of Elections, Alan Hays
   Our much anticipated move to the new office location is almost complete!! We’ve been mentioning the prospective move in our newsletters for several months, and last month we moved our administrative offices and personnel to 1898 E. Burleigh Blvd. in Tavares. This location is diagonally across US 441 from Florida Hospital Waterman in the opposite end of the building hosting Reunion Bank. We have a sign on the front of the building and also a sign easily visible to those in traffic passing by the office.
     I am pleased that so many people have expressed how grateful they are for the change in location.  Our improved access, improved parking, and better visibility are certainly appreciated. The computer training lab has been very well received and everyone is looking forward to beginning our Election Worker training in our new, modern classrooms.
      Within the next few days our warehouse team will have completed their move into the new location and we will then have our entire operation consolidated. I am so appreciative of the attitude each member of our team has demonstrated in this move!! Each team member continued to serve the public in their usual professional and very capable manner, while at the same time packing and unpacking the myriad articles necessary for us to serve you. I am exceptionally proud of each member of our team and their dedication to serving the citizens of Lake County.
     I would be remiss if I failed to express appreciation to the many people who assisted in our relocation. Our Commissioners have been very supportive, as have Mr. Jeff Cole, our County Manager. Sheriff Grinnell and his team have assisted in several ways, as did the county attorney, Ms. Melanie Marsh and her team.  I cannot say enough about the support from the Lake County Facilities Department.  The Tavares City Manager, Mr. John Drury, and his team deserve a special thank you for their spirit of cooperation and clearly communicating to the contractor and subs everything that was expected so we could pass inspections in a timely manner.  It makes me proud to be a member of Team Lake County!!
     Now that we are settled into our new digs, the August 28th Primary Election is our Number One Priority.  The candidates have all been qualified and the ballots are soon going to be mailed overseas to our civilian and  military voters.  The domestic vote-by-mail ballots will be mailed on July 24.
     Early voting begins on August 16 in 10 locations around the county.  The hours of early voting are 10:00 AM until 6:00 PM through August 25.  Please note later in this newsletter or on our website, the early voting locations for this year!  One of them is our new office, the Mt. Dora location is now at Lake Receptions, and the Eustis location is now at the Eustis Service Center on Ward Avenue.  We are NOT using the previous locations in the libraries of Eustis and Mt. Dora.
     All our equipment is being properly calibrated and programmed.  One new improvement for this year is our Ballot on Demand service at each early voting location.  This enables us to print the ballot for each person as they check in using our electronic poll books.  This ensures each person receives the correct ballot for their precinct.
     We will be hosting an open house in December so please come by and let us show you our new facility and how it serves you, the wonderful people of Lake County, Florida! Feel free to email me at or call 352.343.9734 should you need any assistance.  Thank you for allowing me to serve as your Supervisor of Elections. 
D. Alan Hays, DMD
Lake County Supervisor of Elections 

Don't Miss the Deadline

Are you registered?   Have you made needed updates to your record?  The deadline to register or change party affiliation before the Primary Election  is July 30th.  Don't let the deadline slip by. 
You can register online at or click the button below to download a voter 
registration application form.  If you utilize the downloadable form, be sure to complete, sign, date, and print the application. Since the deadline is fast approaching, please consider hand delivering your voter registration/update to our office or dropping it by one of the local libraries scattered throughout the county.   
Registrations and updates received after the July 30th deadline will be processed for the General Election in November.  
Questions? Give us a call 352.343.9734 or visit our website:
Download Voter Registration Application Form

Mailings from Third Party Organizations

You may have received a mailing stating that your registration status was in question or that your vote-by-mail ballot request had expired.  Please note, those notices did not come from our office.  They are sent by third party organizations who often use outdated information when sending out their mailings and can be very confusing for voters, especially if they just updated their record.  The best source for checking your voter information is our office or our website.
Vote-by-mail ballot requests do expire, so it is important for you to ensure your request is up to date.  You can request ballots for the upcoming Primary Election or for all elections through 2020.  If you aren't sure if your request has expired, click the Voter Information/Status button below to check.  If your mail ballot request is still active it will note that on the screen.  You will need to provide your last name, first name, date of birth, and your house number to conduct the search.  Updating your request is easy, just click the Request a Vote-By-Mail Ballot button below and submit your request, or call our office at 352.343.9734 to make your request.
Voter Information/Status
Request a Vote-By-Mail Ballot
What's on the 2018 Primary Election Ballot?
U.S. Senator (Republican Primary)   Commissioner of Agriculture 
Roque "Rocky" De La Fuente (REP)   (Republican Primary)
Rick Scott (REP)   Matt Caldwell (REP)
    Denise Grimsley (REP)
U.S. Representative District 6    Mike McCalister (REP)
(Democratic Primary)   Baxter Troutman (REP)
Stephen Sevigny (DEM)    
Nancy Soderberg (DEM)   State Senator District 22 
John Upchurch  (DEM)   (Democratic Primary)
    Bob Doyel (DEM)
U.S. Representative District 6    Ricardo Rangel (DEM)
(Republican Primary)    
Fred Costello (REP)   State Representative District 32 
Michael Waltz (REP)   (Republican Primary) 
John Ward (REP)   Shannon Elswick (REP)
    Anthony Sabatini (REP)
U.S. Representative District 15   Monica L. Wofford (REP)
(Democratic Primary)    
Kristen Carlson (DEM)   State Representative District 32 
Andrew P. Learned (DEM)   (Democratic Primary) 
Raymond "Ray" Pena (DEM)   Cynthia Brown (DEM)
    Sheryl Needle Cohn (DEM)
U.S. Representative District 15    
(Republican Primary)   Lake County Circuit Judge/ Group 4
Neil Combee (REP)   (Nonpartisan - appears on all Lake  
Sean Harper (REP)   County ballots)
Danny Kushmer (REP)   Don Barbee, Jr. (NOP)
Ed Shoemaker (REP)   Edward C. Spaight (NOP)
Ross Spano (REP)    
    Lake County Clerk of the Circuit Court 
Governor and Lt. Governor*
(Democratic Primary)
  and Comptroller 
Andrew Gillum (DEM)   Universal Primary Contest*
Gwen Graham (DEM)   Gary J. Cooney (REP)
Jeff Greene (DEM)   Jason D. Paynter (REP)
Chris King (DEM)    
Philip Levine (DEM)   Lake County Commission District 2
Alex "Lundy" Lundmark (DEM)   Universal Primary Contest*
John Wetherbee (DEM)   Sean M. Parks (REP)
    Tad Schnaufer (REP)
Governor and Lt. Governor* 
(Republican Primary)
Don Baldauf (REP)   Lake County Water Authority At Large
Ron DeSantis (REP)   (Republican Primary)
Timothy M. Devine (REP)   Vance L. Jochim (REP)
 Bob Langford (REP)   Courtney Stokes (REP)
John Joseph Mercadante (REP)    
Bruce Nathan (REP)   Lake County School Board Member
Adam H. Putnam (REP)   District 1 (Nonpartisan - appears on all Lake 
Bob White (REP)   County ballots)
    Perry Berkowitz (NOP)
Attorney General (Democratic Primary)   Bill Mathias (NOP)
Sean Shaw (DEM)   Mike Sykes (NOP)
Ryan Torrens (DEM)    
    Lake County School Board Member 
Attorney General (Republican Primary)   District 5 (Nonpartisan - appears on all 
Ashley Moody (REP)   Lake County ballots)
Frank White (REP)   Stephanie Luke (NOP)
    Peter E. Tarby (NOP)
Commissioner of Agriculture     
(Democratic Primary)   *Universal Primary Contest - Occurs when 
Nicole "Nikki" Fried (DEM)   all candidates for a race are affiliated 
Jeffrey Duane Porter (DEM)   with one party and the winner will have 
Roy David Walker (DEM)   no opposition in the General Election.  
    A universal primary opens the election
    to all qualified voters regardless of 
party affiliation.
* Lt. Governor is not yet designated.
School District Ad Valorem Tax
(Nonpartisan - appears on all Lake County ballots)
Approval of Additional Three-Quarter 
Mill Ad Valorem Tax For School Safety
and Mental Health Services.
Shall an additional three-quarter (0.75)
mill of School District ad valorem millage
tax, beginning July 1, 2019 and ending
June 30, 2023, be approved for the 
implementation of the Marjory Stoneman Douglas
High School Public Safety Act and for enhance-
ment of school safety, security, and mental health
services, creating a sustainable funding source
critical to improving safety for our children, prevent-
ion programs and services, and emergency 
Lake Votes Team Member Spotlight...Travis Jackson
Travis Jackson is our Candidate Services Director. He began his career as an election worker, responsible for the technical components and processes on Election Day back in 2003. 
Soon after, he became a member of the team working in the office learning the various aspects of the elections process, assisting with the logic and accuracy testing of equipment, ballot coding, and ensuring precinct lines are correctly drawn in the streets and mapping aspects of the operation. 
In addition to the technical aspects of his role, Travis is responsible for communicating with each person who expresses an interest in running for office.  He lets them know what paperwork is required, and important deadlines that must be met to qualify.
He takes the time to meet individually with candidates or potential candidates and outline the specifics needed to run for each office.  He shares information from the Division of Elections and makes sure that everyone with an interest has the reference materials and candidate handbooks available to help navigate the pathway to qualifying for office. Travis’ down-to-earth style and wealth of knowledge makes this whole process easier to understand. 
The candidate qualifying period ended last month on June 22nd.  Travis was in high demand during the weeks and months prior to the deadline.  Once the qualifying period ended, it was up to Travis to ensure that all the candidates were listed appropriately on our website. 
Within an hour after the deadline, we were posting on social media a link to all the current candidates who met the requirements during the qualifying period.  
That dedication to ensuring that everyone has the right information as soon as possible shows through in the many aspects of Travis’ job.  We all rely on his knowledge base and are thankful that he has served in this role for the last ten years. 
We always hear positive feedback from folks who want to learn more about this process and they sing Travis’ praises for being kind, helpful, and the positive resource that he is for our office.
During the recent relocation of our office, Travis was diligent in communicating with all folks involved to ensure that their candidate services needs were met during this critical time. 
Travis has lived in the Lake County area most of his life. He lives in Mount Dora with his wife and their two-year-old son, Maverick.  Maverick is a carbon copy of Travis and has lots of energy.  You can see in their interaction that he is a great dad and enjoys spending time with his family. 
Travis also enjoys canoeing, photography, traveling, and anything outdoors.  He hopes to pass on to his children the importance of maintaining honesty and integrity in everything you do.

Attention Election Workers!!!

We wanted to say a big THANK YOU to all the election workers who have stopped by and taken advantage of our learning lab in our new office. Your election worker services team (Brian and Bob) have truly enjoyed these interactions and look forward to working with you in the upcoming election.
If you experience any problems with logging in to the online training, do not hesitate to contact us. It might be something as simple as refreshing your screen to ensure you are looking at the most up-to-date information on our website. The same is true when accepting your appointment letter via our website.  
If you haven't responded to your appointment letter, please do so as soon as possible. Even if the answer is that you are no longer available, please let us know. We understand and want to thank you for your past service. 
As a reminder Classroom Training times are filling up fast. To sign up for your Classroom Training click the button below. You will need to scroll down to the Classroom Training heading and select your position type. Also note, we will be in Clermont for Classroom Training during the week of July 23rd.
Feel free to reach out to Brian at 352.253.1432 or Bob at 352.253.1405, if you have any questions or need assistance.
Sign Up for Classroom Training
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