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"Don't judge each day by the harvest you reap, but by the seeds you plant.” 
—Robert Louis Stevenson from Word for the Day ( 
July 23, 2018
At the Crossroad with Hecate
Mercury Retrograde (July 26 -August 19) & Total Lunar Eclipse (July 27)
Seeding 5WCW in India, Finding Fertile Ground
Women Rise! March, #MeToo, Run for Office
Onward to Toronto: Parliament of World’s Religions
Oxford Conference August 24-26
 “Episco-Pagan,” “Octogeranium”
Dear Friends:
Hecate- goddess of the crossroads and the waning moon.
Artist: Claudia Olivos,
In ancient Greece, a Hecate pillar with three faces could be found at major crossroads. One saw you coming on the road that had brought you there. Each of the other two looked down each of the two paths you could take. Hecate was the goddess of the crossroad, and is the inner wise woman archetype present at moments of truth, where the choice taken will be soul shaping. What now? What Next? are the questions; or as said more poetically by Mary Oliver: “What shall I do with my one wild and precious life?”  It is in the in-between times, the transitions times that we are at the crossroad with Hecate. It is where I am.
Mercury Retrograde (July 26 -August 19) & Total Lunar Eclipse (July 27)
Mercury retrograde has a bad rep re communication and devices. Think of it like a "weather report", which is good to know if unexpected changes occur, and it feels like things are going haywire, which Mercury retrograde does seem to influence. 
Mercury is known as Hermes the Messenger God in Greek mythology, and is archetype of the communicator, guide, and trickster.  When this is the “weather”, it helps a lot to not take what goes wrong personally, or be judgmental and angry at yourself, at others or your devices!  Let go of notion you are in control, and think of this as a time for reflection if you spend time alone, and to be extra attentive when out and about.
A day after Mercury goes retrograde, there will be a full lunar eclipse-- the longest lunar eclipse that Earth will experience in the 21st century, lasting one hour and 43 minutes. During the four hours that it takes place, the moon will turn deep red or ruddy brown and is called a “blood moon”. It won’t be visible in North America. The combination of Mercury retrograde which I know something about by observation and experience, and this eclipse increases my sense of unease at what next may come from the White House and the world. 
Seeding 5WCW in India, Finding Fertile Ground
Dr. Harbeen Arora and Jean 
Global Chairperson Women Economic Forum and All Ladies League
Chancellor of Rai University in Ahmedabad
I went to the Women’s Economic Forum 2018 in New Delhi and brought 1500 large round blue buttons with 5WCW in white and India 2022 in orange. Winter Safranoff, Susan Baily Harnden and I put them in the center of the round tables in the plenary hall and in the break out session rooms, and replenished them as women picked them up and took them. They fit in the palm of the hand, the message was read, and the buttons were kept—maybe they had some mojo or fairy dust. I also gave them away, and invariably, after holding and reading it, women would say, “I’m going to go to this!” At this point, it is a seed idea that is responded to as if it is a reality. This is something I too, am feeling--once "India 2022" was envisioned and added to the blue button, I found myself shifting from “needs to happen,” to “it will happen."  The date had been suggested by Harbeen Arora and Vinay Rai, whose vision and energy organized and funded the WEF conferences, not only in India but also in Europe and in the United States. While I was in Delhi, thanks to  Pam Rajput and Ruchira  Gupta, I met women who were making a difference in the lives of women and girls (India has more NGOs than any country in the world). If this truly is an idea whose time has come, it will happen. At the same time that I have become sure about this I stopped counting on the United Nations to bring it about. Components of the UN such as UNICEF,  UN Women, would be a UN presence, without it going through the General Assembly’s three year requirements and behind the scenes lobbying efforts to block it as was done in 2012 after the Secretary General and President of the General Assembly asked that a resolution be passed. 
 at WEF Jean with Winter Safranoff and Susan Baily Harnden
Jean and Dr. Pam Rajput
Founder & Director of the Centre for Women’s Studies: Chair of Political Science, Punjab University. Organized the “Women’s Parliament” in India.
Women Rise! March, #meToo, Run for Office

 “They tried to bury us: they didn’t know we were seeds.” -- a Mexican proverb quoted by Monica Lewinsky in Vanity Fair after the #MeToo movement. (VF March 2018)
Listen to Barbara McAfee singing “Women Rise”—it is like an anthem:  “when women wake, mountains move . . . when women rise, the world rises with them . . .”  (This is from her album YES!) She inspires and links women through her music. Once we did a workshop together at Feathered Pipe Ranch, and at other times we have been on the same program. Listen to Women Rise! on YouTube here (3:18). Her website is
A huge women’s movement wave began on January 21, 2017 the day after the Trump inauguration with the Women’s March on Washington and the Sister marches worldwide which comprised the largest demonstration in history, an estimated 4.96 million. Then came the #MeToo movement which generated 12 million posts and comments on Facebook iin a 24 hour period.  From marching to running for office: in the upcoming midterm elections, 472 women have entered the race for a House seat,  57 have filed or are likely to file for the Senate, and of the 36 gubernatorial races in 2018, 35 will have women candidates. Every woman who chooses to march, speak out, or run--leads other women by her example. 
The Oldest, Largest and Most Inclusive Global Interfaith Movement. website;
Onward to Toronto: Parliament of World’s Religions
The Parliament of the World’s Religions is the one major conference where spirituality, compassion, and activism come together, representing people from the mystical and liberal wings of the world's religions. PWR meets every three years, with the upcoming conference in Toronto, (November 1-7, 2018).  PWR has had a major indirect influence on my activism. At PWR in CapeTown (1999). my just published book, The Millionth Circle provided the seed idea for what became The Millionth Circle Initiative, which in turn took me to the UN as an advocate for a UN 5th World Conference on Women—as a major means toward reaching the metaphoric millionth circle with a sacred center (the one which when added to all the others ends patriarchy). When I go to Toronto, I’ll be speaking at six different events—unexpectedly, which made me wonder if synchronicity is at work. I will be in good company: Ann Smith, Rosemary Williams, Linda Merryman, Justine Toms, Onzie Stevens, Clare Petersen, Lauren Oliver and I are the MC conveners who will be at PWR. We will give away the big blue buttons with 5WCW in white and India 2022 in orange. Phyllis Curott, Sande Hart, Ann Smith, Elizabeth Ursic organized and proposed the events where I will be speaking, Participants—individuals, organizations, and religions at PWR share a common spiritual grounding—which I believe will be fertile ground for India 2022!
Oxford 2018 Conference The Still Point and the Turning World:
Jean Bolen & Monika Wikman
Worcester College, Oxford University August 24 -26
I’m looking forward to co-leading this residential conference in which we and participants live at the college, have meals, evening entertainment, time for discussion and conversations, some free time and even can join in singing in the Chapel. Early risers have the option of attending a dream tending circle facilitated by Monika, and following my talk about the Millionth Circle, can participate in a circle with a sacred center.  Monika and I will speak each day (see topics under Event Schedule). Both of us are Jungian analysts, she is also an astrologer. We write and often speak at conferences and look forward to doing this conference together.  C.G. Jung was a founding patron in 1937 of The Guild of Pastoral Psychology which invites "anyone interested in exploring the relationship between spirituality, religion, and depth psychology with particular reference to the writings of C.G. Jung.”  For bios, information and registration: Click Here 
“Episco-Pagan,” “Octogeranium” 
I was a keynote speaker at the Haden Institute’s “Dreams and Spirituality” Conference which was held at Kanuga Conference Center in the Appalachian-Blue Ridge Mountains. Kanuga was founded by the Episcopalian Church and the Haden Institute brings together Jungian psychology and spirituality. Here I could introduce myself as an “Episco-Pagan” and feel that I was  among others who could relate to this. In part because Episcopalians are not literal fundamentalists, which allows for metaphors, and in Jung’s psychology, the archetype of meaning is the Self—or God, Goddess, Tao, Higher Power, the universe, divinity by any name, gender, or appearance. Episco-Pagan easily includes Goddesses, Mother-Father God, sacredness of nature and body which are “pagan” ideas and Jesus Christ, Holy Spirit and God the Father. 
A second new word came via a lunch conversation with Marty Carroll--the word “Octogeranium,” a title from Peggy Pond Church, about becoming an Octogeranium instead of an Octogenarian.I brought this up in my talk and defined it further--as a time to bloom, and take delight at still being here. When I came home, I promptly bought two large pots of geraniums that now sit on my deck in the sun. Several weeks later, I went to see ‘R.B.G". the film documentary about Ruth Bader Ginsburg, who is definitely an Octogeranium, as is Gloria Steinem who spoke about what RBG did on the court for gender equality and women’s rights. Ruth is a year older than i am, Gloria two years older. It has taken over a year for me to get used to the idea (of being as old as I am—and it came so fast). I am at the crossroad with Hecate, between the end of one nine year cycle, and at the beginning of the next, waiting to know (as in gnosis) which direction to take.  
2018 Events
August 20 - 24, 2018  Global Teleconference
The Shift Network Second Annual Summit  Thriving in Your Third Act: Women Finding Fire and Fulfillment after 50
Email announcement will be sent out on August 7, 2018
August 24-26, 2018 – London, UK
The Essex Church, Worcester College, Oxford
Guild of Pastoral Psychology Oxford Conference 2018
"Emergence of Feminine Wisdom and the End of Patriarchy: The Process of Evolutionary Change in Individuals and Humanity” and “Moving Toward the Millionth Circle. Jean Shinoda Bolen M.D.
“Orienting in the Dark: Dream Wisdom addressing our Collective Times” and  “Prayer for the World Soul: Experiences of Ash and Its Alchemical Mysteries.” Monika Wikman, Ph.D.
Click Here for more information
November 1 -7, 2018 - Toronto, Canada
Parliament of the World’s Religion
Theme:  The Promise of Inclusion, The Power of Love * Women's Coalitions Addressing Global Problems * She of a Thousand Names * The Great Mother and More * Feminine Spirit, Feminine Forms * Creating New Expressions of Connection,
Compassion, and Activism: * Circle Training: How to Start a Circle and Circle Organization * Circle Workshop: Wa’akwa Kerlathenhs: We Rise Together: Sacred Circles Healing and Empowering Women and Girls * The Alchemy of Women's Collective Wisdom and Power
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With love, hope, perseverance, trust, and gratitude,



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