September, 2018
Lake County Supervisor of Elections, Alan Hays
Alan Hays, Lake County Supervisor of ElectionsA Message from Alan Hays...
Please forgive me for the length of this letter, but I have too many fine people to thank for it to be brief.
The 2018 Primary Election is now behind us and I am pleased that overall, things went well. Our whole team, election workers, warehouse team, temporary workers, and our professional staff worked beautifully well together and really accomplished a major feat! The countywide rollout of our electronic poll books and new protocols for voter check-in was a huge change. Not only did the election workers perform well, but we appreciate so much the acceptance by the voters of our new processes and equipment.
Our team had a post-election debriefing, assessing what went well, what areas should be improved, and how we can better serve the voters of Lake County. I feel we had a very productive meeting and had some significant take-aways that will be implemented immediately, and will assist us in the November 6th General Election.
I would like to say a very special thank you to our election workers who openly embraced our new technology. They stepped up and handled issues as they arose with the equipment. I also want to thank our voters for their patience as our new processes evolved. Our training team (Brian and Bob) are to be commended for their efforts to train over eight hundred workers scattered throughout 96 polling locations across Lake County. They were there to handle technical issues as well as troubleshoot any staffing issues to ensure all polling sites functioned properly with adequate staffing. They have held numerous training sessions over the last several months to ensure we were ready for Election Day.  
Our warehouse folks were diligient in deploying all the voting supplies and equipment, ensuring a seamless operation on Election Day. They also helped man the phones to assist workers with technical issues. Our registration staff manned the phones to help voters make last minute updates to their record, answered questions about precinct locations, and what type of ID was needed at the polls. We appreciate voters taking the time to find out this type of information and would encourage an even more pro-active approach prior to the General Election in November.  
I am also proud of our IT staff who made sure our Election results were reported timely and posted on our website shortly after the polls closed. Our team in conjuction with the communications staff really did an excellent job of ensuring voters had accurate information available. I could not be more proud of the teamwork displayed within our office and the election workers out in the field. Those nice people manning our phone bank were a true asset to the team! Thank you!
I cannot say enough about the volunteers who made the opening of the Vote-by-Mail Ballots go so smoothly. They are rock stars!!
In preparation for the November 6 General Election, please consider our Vote-by-Mail Program. The presence of the many constitutional amendments to the Florida Constitution will most likely require a lot of time to completely and accurately mark the ballot. You may want to choose voting from the comfort of your home and either mailing the ballot to us or depositing it in our 24 hour Mail Ballot Drop Box, located in front of our office. The Vote-by-Mail Ballot may also be dropped off during early voting at any one of the ten early voting sites located throughout the county. Early voting begins on October 22 and ends on November 3. Early voting hours run from 10 am to 6 pm each day.  
We are compiling a list of frequently asked questions and will be addressing them in our newsletters, on social media, with public service announcements in various publications, and at community events throughout the county to help everyone be prepared for the next election.  
Thank you for the privilege to serve you, the wonderful citizens of Lake County, Florida. It is truly a pleasure. Feel free to reach out to me at or 352.343.9734, should you have any questions or if I can be of assistance in any way.
D. Alan Hays
D. Alan Hays, DMD
Lake County Supervisor of Elections
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We have been encouraging voters to vote by mail in the upcoming General Election. Due to the number of constitutional amendments that will be on the ballot, the ballot is going to be quite lengthy.  
It takes time for folks to read through the amendments and make their selections; this could cause longer lines and delays at the polls. We are preparing additional privacy booths wherever space allows so we may accommodate as many voters at one time as possible; however, one of the easiest ways to avoid delays at the polls is to vote from home.  
It is easy to request a mail ballot. Just click the button below and make your request or give our office a call and we will note it in your record.  
Vote-by-Mail ballots are mailed about a month prior to the election. Be sure to make your request as early as possible so your ballot will be included in the first mail out. You must make your request before 5 pm on October 31st in order for the ballot to be mailed.  
All voted mail ballots must be received in our office before 7 pm on Election Day (11/6/18). Voted ballots can be deposited at any early voting site located throughout the county during the early voting period between October 22  and November 3. Each site is open daily from 10 am to 6 pm.  
We also have a convenient drop box available 24/7 outside our  office. Feel free to use the option most convenient for you. If you choose to mail your ballot through the USPS, be sure to allow at least 5 business days for delivery. Ballots received after 7pm on 11/6/18 will not be counted.  
Many have asked about the vote-by-mail process, and there is a myth that vote-by-mail ballots are only processed when there is a close contest. This could not be further from the truth. There is a strict protocol we follow when processing vote-by-mail ballots. 
The voter signature on the return envelope must match the signature we have on file and must match the name on the envelope, which is printed above the barcode. If the signature does not match, voters are given the opportunity to "cure" their signature and verify their identity.
Vote by Mail
September 25th is National Voter Registration Day, but we are celebrating National Voter Registration Month and have been conducting registration drives throughout the entire month.  We were at Mount Dora High School on September 5th, we were at a Rock the Vote Event on the 13th at the Leesburg Library, Umatilla High School will be hosting us on the 18th and Lake Tech asked us to conduct a drive near Constitution Day, so we will be there on the 19th.  
You do not have to re-register prior to each election, but newly eligible voters will need to register by October 9th, which is when our registration books close prior to the November 6th General Election.  
If you can’t attend one of our registration drives held throughout the community, you can click the button below and register online.  If you prefer not to submit your information online, you can download a hard-copy form, print, sign, date, and mail it or hand deliver it to our office.  
You can also register in person at our local libraries, or when obtaining or renewing your driver’s license.
The driver's license office uses a slightly different form in which to register voters. It is incorporated in their driver's license application form. Please read the form carefully and make sure the appropriate sections are completed, so not only will your driver's license information be updated, but your voter record will be as well. 
Please pay close attention to the information requested, including party affiliation notations and address updates. We and the driver's license office staff want to make sure the intent of the voter is captured when processing the application form. If you have any questions, the friendly staff of the DMV will be glad to assist you.
Once your registration application form is processed, you will receive a voter information card in the mail.  Please review it carefully and confirm that all your selections were entered correctly. If you need to make any changes, give us a call and we will guide you through the process. If you do not receive a voter information card within a couple of weeks of completing the application form, give us a call. 
Online Voter Registration
LakeVotes Team
Member Spotlight...
Dan Dehn
Dan Dehn is our Information Services Director.  He is our guru when it comes to anything IT related in our office.  
His job has many facets - from cyber security, ballot coding, ensuring our network is up and running at all times,  to troubleshooting anything technically related at our polling places during Early Voting and on Election Day.
Dan’s most valuable assets are his amazing memory and high intellect.  He has the ability to recall dates, times, and details of information that rivals the very computers he works on. This skill is so important because there are so many moving parts when it comes to hosting an election.  If one detail is missed, it can create all kinds of issues.  
We are thankful that Dan has the ability to create a timeline that captures all those moving parts and the various individuals responsible for that function to keep us all on track during each election cycle.
Dan’s technical knowledge is second to none, and his years of experience in the elections process make him an invaluable team member.  
Dan was the first individual in our office to achieve the Master level in the Florida Certified Elections Professionals (FCEP) program.. To achieve certification, Dan  completed many hours of training and successfully passed testing of each of the 33 curriculum modules.  
The FCEP program was developed by the Florida Association of Supervisors of Elections and consists of very a detailed curriculum.  We are proud that Dan took the time to gain this knowledge, and it is just another example of Dan’s dedication to our office and the elections field.  
Dan’s job responsibilities often require him to work into the wee hours of the night, especially when we have back-to-back elections like this year when there is a Primary and a General Election.  
He is in “Election Mode” from as early as May to ensure the Primary Election stays on schedule, and remains in this mode until after the General Election in November.  That is a long time to be on “red alert” to ensure all processes fall into place.  
Dan is a newlywed. He and his wife Ilse will celebrate their one-year anniversary this December. Dan even took into consideration the election cycle when planning his wedding last year. It had to be scheduled in an odd-numbered election year where back-to- back elections do not normally occur, and it had to be after November to ensure he could focus on the elections at hand before saying “I do”. Thankfully Ilse understands the time demands this job has on Dan. Dan's dedication could never be questioned.
When Dan isn’t working, he and Ilse like to travel and spend time with their dog Callie.  They also enjoy challenging themselves in Escape Rooms, and they have several groups of friends who participate in these activities. Dan’s memory and strong analytical skills come in handy during these challenges as well, and they often are one of the first teams to crack the code and ”escape” the scenario.  
Attention Election Workers... 
It takes a special group of people to serve on Election Day and we are fortunate to have a team of individuals who represent our office so well when out in the field during Early Voting and on Election Day.
This past Primary Election, you were tasked with the county-wide rollout of new equipment and new processes. You embraced these changes with professionalism and enthusiasm and we cannot thank you enough for rising to the challenge.  
We appreciate your feedback as to how we can improve our ability to serve the voters, what went well, areas we can improve, what is needed from us to ensure a positive Election Day experience for our voters and election worker team.  
We want to make sure you have the resources and support you need to be successful and that you know how much we appreciate your hard work and dedication during long days at the polls. Your strength and determination are great assets to our organization and we cannot be more proud of the job you do.
We look forward to working with you in the upcoming General Election and encourage you to click the button below and enroll in the next round of Classroom Training that is required before each election.  
Classroom Training
General Election Fun Facts...
Sample ballots are usually mailed the week before Early Voting starts so voters can mark up their ballot and take it with them to the early voting site or to the polls on Election Day.  If you request a vote-by-mail ballot, you will not receive a sample too, since you will be receiving the actual ballot to return.  However, customized sample ballots are also made available on our website.
There are 151 ballot styles for the General Election and 102 precincts which are serviced by 96 Election Day Polling Places.  Ballot styles are dictated by district/precinct lines and local initiatives.
Nine cities have content on the ballot. They include Clermont, Eustis, Fruitland Park, Groveland, Howey-in-the-Hills, Leesburg, Mount Dora, Tavares, and Umatilla. Many local decisions will made in addition to Federal, State and County contests.
As we mentioned, the ballot currently contains twelve state constitutional amendments/revisions.  Three of the twelve remaining continue to make their way through the court/appeals process, these three being revisions 7, 9, and 11.  Judicial action may impact whether all 12 amendments end up as being part of the final vote tally. To review the amendments that are currently slated to be on the ballot, click the button below.  
Proposed Constitutional Amendments
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