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Greenland Part 5: Flying to Nuuk | Dash 8 Extravaganza
Part 5 of our epic Greenland adventure

We’re back onboard the Dash 8 for stunning views along Greenland’s coast. We fly to Nuuk via Kangerlussuaq, first on the flight deck to chat with the pilots and then in the cabin.
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Los Angeles Police Department body cam still image at the moment an train impacts the crashed Cessna lying across the tracks, seconds after the pilot was pulled from the wreckage.
We still can’t believe this happened

On this week’s episode of AvTalk we recount the improbable series of events that led to a train smashing a crashed Cessna into a million pieces seconds after the pilot was pulled from the wreckage. 
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The final A380 delivered by Airbus, Emirates A6-EVS
2021 Airbus and Boeing order and delivery highlights

We break down Airbus and Boeing’s numbers for 2021 and show how you can track some of the more notable deliveries.
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Emirates EK524 and EK568 taxi pathways
Another serious incident in Dubai

On 9 January an Emirates 777 began its take off roll while another 777 was still crossing the runway. EK524 rejected its take off after speeding to over 100 knots ground speed and safely exited the runway. Authorities have opened an investigation. This comes just weeks after another Emirates 777 had a close call while departing Dubai for Washington.
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Azul’s Minnie Mouse livery A321neo
Minnie Mouse joins the Azul fleet

Minnie has joined Azul’s Mickey Mouse livery A320neo. No word on if Pluto will also be added to the fleet.
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Aurora outside SAS A350
Aurora over Iceland seen from an SAS A350.
Conair Dash 8
A Conair Dash 8 demonstrating a retardant drop for the US Forest Service.
Lufthansa A350
A Lufthansa A350 departing Munich.
UNDER THE RADAR - Bite size aviation news
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The 15 minute mystery

Why did the FAA ground stop traffic in the western US for 15 minutes on Monday, going so far as forcing some flights to land?
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