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Shalom Emma
We at MDA  Australia hope you had a happy and meaningful Shavuot and kept as warm as possible.
To all our  wonderful supporters and friends, remember MDA when making your End Of Financial Year donations. The target of our Annual Appeal, MDA is fleet of mini emergency response vehicles. 
Please see our flyer below for details of these essential vehicles and feel free to contact the office should you wish to receive further, more detailed information.
Our Trivia Night was a resounding success.  Thank you to all of those who attended. Having been cancelled twice previously we were so excited to be sitting and laughing with our old and new friends and answering questions for such a good cause. 
We are also so grateful to those who donated prizes for our raffle on the night and are sorry to anyone who missed out,  and hope you will (all) be able to join us at our next event.
Also, please read below of my experiences in Israel attending our first International Conference in three years.  It was such a joy, not only to be in Israel again but to be able to share thoughts and strategies with fellow leaders of MDA societies from all corners of the world.
Keep reading below and find out what's been happening and what's coming up and, if you haven't been into our new offices come and visit us any time.
We look forward to being in contact with you again soon.
Stay well,
Glynis Lipson
No EMS organisation in Israel arrives faster to a medical emergency than Magen David Adom.  If fact, we are first to arrive 91% of the time.
When traffic delays ambulance arrivals, we ensure patient care doesn't have to wait.  Our new Kia Picanto Frist Response Vehicles will enable EMT's and paramedics to initiate treatment even before the ambulance arrives.
So, when an MDA ambulance can't be first at the scene, it's a MDA Picanto that will be.  With thousands of full-time EMT's including more than 1,000 paramedics, MDA isn't just providing an emergency medical response that's the fastest in Israel, it's also the most experienced.
MDA Australia is seeking funds to purchase 3 of these fabulous emergency response vehicles. 
Be a part of of our team and make the wishes of MDA Israel come true!
Reflecting on a meaningful & busy week at the International Magen David Adom Conference (IMDAC), Israel.
By Glynis Lipson, Chairperson, Magen David Adom Australia
Aryeh Myers, Yonni Yagadovsky, Glynis Lipson, Andrew Rajcher, Alon Fridman
MDA volunteers with Glynis Lipson and Anita Baker
President Isaac Herzog with Glynis Lipson
President Isaac Herzog with Glynis Lipson
I attended the Magen David Adom International Conference (IMDAC) in Israel this month, because of Covid, the last conference held was October 2019.  It was good to finally be back in Israel.
I would like to share my experiences and emotions with you as I reflect on the events and occasions I attended while in Israel.
There were many mixed emotions, from the joy and honour of being at the opening ceremony of the Marcus National Blood Services Centre in Ramla – a first in its type, world-class building created to protect the Israel's blood supply; the eary sound of the Yom Hazikaron two minute siren and standing silent in the middle of a major road in Tel Aviv where cars just stopped. Then the excitement of people being everywhere, enjoying the fun and uniqueness of Yom Ha’atzmaut. What an amazing country, and to be there at this time was incredible!
What made the difference for me while in Israel, was knowing that Israel’s second line of defence, Magen David Adom is there. I knew a medicycle, ambulance and the 26,000 volunteer paramedics, EMTs and medics on call would be at any incident in less than a few minutes! The 30,000 men and women behind MDA are dedicated, passionate and fearless people.
Below are some highlights of my experiences.
Opening of the new Marcus National Blood Services Centre
I attended the inauguration ceremony of the new Marcus National Blood Services Centre with Andrew Rajcher, Anita Baker, Jack and Lyn Borowski, Morri and Judy Wolko and Effi Yaakobi. I had the honour of meeting President Isaac Herzog, Health Minister Nitzan Horowitz and other dignitaries who attended the inauguration ceremony at the facility in Ramla, central Israel.
Magen David Adom Australia is privileged to contribute to this historical project, Israel’s opening of the world’s most protected (cyber, earthquake and rocket proof) shielded blood bank, a $US135M project which will oversee the production, storage and treatment of all of Israel’s blood supply, for both civilians and the IDF. The Centre also houses the Milk Bank, which provides breast milk to premature and seriously ill babies in Israeli ICU’s, including babies whose mothers are unable to breastfeed because they are in critical care themselves.
The new Marcus National Blood Services Centre is the only one of its kind in the world and will become fully operational in the next few months.
I thank all our donors who generously contributed to the centre and to everyone who helped make this lifesaving critical project possible!
Yom Hazikaron - Remembrance day
During the conference, the Yom Hazikaron Remembrance Day ceremony was held in the new Marcus National Blood Services Centre, attended by worldwide MDA representatives, MDA Israel personnel, dignitaries and MDA volunteers and workers from the Ayalon region.
I was moved by two families who told their stories of how they lost their young ones in terror attacks - their pain was excruciating, and I don’t think there was a dry eye in the auditorium. These family members were young MDA volunteers. There was a deep feeling of love and respect for their commitment as young MDA volunteers who left this world way too soon. The overwhelming feeling in the room was one of unity in the fight to save lives.
The ceremony concluded with the two-minute siren and everyone singing Hatikvah.
Yom Ha’atzmaut - Israel Independence Day
I was very fortunate to have the opportunity to join in the national celebrations on the streets of Tel Aviv, from watching street performers during the day, families having a picnic in parks all over Israel. This is a very special time of the year to be in Israel and it is a must do if you’re in Israel in May, encompassing the lows of Yom Hazikaron through to the highs of Yom Ha’atzmaut!
In the background, as Israel celebrated 74 years of Independence, MDA EMTs and Paramedics were positioned at 322 festivity locations throughout the country, activating 131 Mobile Intensive Care Unit (MICU) ambulances, 346 basic ambulances, 48 Medicycles, 12 All-Terrain-Vehicles (ATV) and paramedic supervisor vehicles, to ensure the safety of all its civilians
During the celebrations, MDA teams treated and attended many emergency calls for help including the terror attack in Elad where seven victims were treated.
Responding to terrors attacks
While I was in Israel, there were two terrorist attacks which saw MDA teams respond within seconds, treat and transport victims to hospital. MDA’s paramedics and EMTs are always on high alert!
What is remarkable is the Israeli spirit - even though we were on Dizengoff Street, where one of the attacks took place, some weeks after the attack, Israelis were out in numbers having fun.
Dinner in Jerusalem
One of the most extraordinary events I attended was with Anita Baker at a dinner in Jerusalem for the end of Ramadan, organised by the manager of the Jerusalem region Ori Shacham. The dinner was held for Arabs, Jews and Muslim volunteers alike, all of work out of MDA in the Jerusalem region.
To watch and see the interaction between them was heart-warming. Listening to the different languages, eating Middle Eastern food, the emotions our were overwhelming. Working together to SAVE LIVES in Israel is their common goal.
MDA’s lifesavings work never stops
Having experienced Israel through the lens of an MDA paramedic, I am immensely proud of all the MDA teams who continue to work day and night on their routine activities, attending to emergency calls, no matter the race, religion or ethnicity of the person in need - 24/7, 365 days a year.
Our mission is to SAVE LIVES and I thank all of you for your ongoing support to help us achieve our goals.
MDA ran a 2 hour workshop for UJEB Bat-Mitzvah girls this week.
The enthusiastic girls were engaged in learning about the life saving work MDA does here and in Israel.
Our workshop was fully packed with food, laughter, lots of Q&A’s, quiz’s and a wonderful art & craft activity making Challah bags and Challah covers for Shabbat.
An escalating cold and flu season has hit our local blood supply, and we continue to see up to half of all appointments cancelled.
We’re pleading with anyone who is well to book a donation today, and encourage your friends and family to do the same:
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