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A Boom Overture with Boom and American Airlines logos
BOOM! We’re back with a fresh episode of AvTalk

On this week’s brand new episode of AvTalk we welcome Brett Snyder from Crankyflier to take a deeper look at American Airlines’ order for Boom’s Overture supersonic jet. On what routes could American use the jet? 
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Regional jets at the gate in Chicago
A deep dive into the debate around the 1500 hour rule

The Air Current’s Elan Head digs in to the revived debate about pilot licensing requirements that followed the 2009 crash of a Colgan Air Dash 8. Head explores what’s missing in the debate over the ‘1500 hour rule.’  
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Flight path of Alaska Air flight that lost its engine cowling
Alaska Airlines 737 cowling doors snap, crackle, then pop

An Alaska Airlines 737-900ER returned to Seattle shortly after take off earlier this week after the aircraft experienced vibrations. Those vibrations turned out to be the left engine’s cowling doors separating from the aircraft.  
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Qantas 787
Qantas announces Auckland-New York flights

Qantas will return to New York prior to launching Project Sunrise with flights from Sydney via Auckland. Scheduled to start in June 2023, the flights will be operated by Boeing 787 aircraft. Qantas formerly operated to New York via Los Angeles, but the stop in Auckland allows the airline to board additional passengers. Qantas’ AKL-JFK flight will join Air New Zealand’s flight, which is scheduled to start this September.
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Which military aircraft are visible near Ukraine and what are their roles? 
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First Time on the 737 MAX
Finally flying the 737 MAX

It took a long time, but Gabriel finally gets on board a 737 MAX. Come along on Alaska Airlines’ 737-9 MAX from New York to Seattle. Does the updated 737 best the airline’s NG?
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Titan Airways A320 in Coca Cola + FIFA livery
Titan’s Coca Cola + FIFA livery

The FIFA World Cup Trophy Tour is taking place ahead of the World Cup later this year and Titan Airways has painted a special livery on one of its A320s to go along with the tour. This isn’t the first time the trophy tour has seen a special livery, Danish Air Transport painted one of its MD-83s for the 2014 World Cup.
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Emirates A380
An Emirates A380 landing in London.
SOFIA Telescope 747SP
The SOFIA Telescope 747SP in Christchurch.
Pratt & Whitney 720 flying test bed with a PT-6 engine mounted on its nose
A The Pratt & Whitney Boeing 720 flying engine test bed landing in Montreal with a PT-6 engine mounted on its nose, 2010.
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What do you want to know about airline dispatchers?

We’ll talk with Mike from Flying and Life about the life of an airline dispatcher on next week’s episode. What would you like to know about the work of the people who make sure planes can get where they need to go? Email us with your questions.
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