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Korean Air A330 registered HL7525 after its runway overrun in Cebu
Korean Air 631 suffers runway overrun

Korean Air flight 631 was attempting to land in Cebu in poor weather. On its third approach, the aircraft was unable to stop and overran the runway by about 300 meters, impacting lighting towers beyond the runway. Thankfully, no one was seriously injured. You can view the flight data on our blog and we discuss the accident on this week’s AvTalk as well.
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LATAM Paraguay flight LA1325 flying through a severe storm
LATAM A320 damaged in hailstorm

A LATAM A320, CC-BAZ, was severely damaged while flying through a hail storm near Ascunción. The A320’s radome was nearly completely destroyed and the windscreen was shattered.
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A Cuban ENSA An-2 parked at Dade-Collier Airport in the Florida Everglades after flying from Cuba.
Cuban pilot dusts crops, then flies to Florida

A Cuban crop dusting pilot completed two runs earlier this week over Cuban farms, then flew his Antonov An-2 to 285 miles to Florida, landing at Dade-Collier Airport in the Florida Everglades, 50 miles inland from the coast. The Soviet-engineered workhorse first flew in 1947 and is still in regular use around the world today.
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A China Southern Airlines 737-8 MAX
737 MAX back in the schedule at China Southern

China Southern Airlines could return the 737 MAX to service as early as Sunday, if the current schedule is accurate. The airline would be the first Chinese airline to carry passengers on the MAX since the aircraft was grounded in March 2019.
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Which military aircraft are visible near Ukraine and what are their roles? 
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"New Kid on the Block" overlaid on a photo of a Bamboo Airways 787
Flying the Bamboo Airways 787-9 

Flying the second busiest domestic route in the world from Ho Chi Minh City to Hanoi, Gabriel tries out Bamboo Airways 787.
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Northern Pacific Airways’ 757
Northern Pacific goes on tour

Start-up airline Northern Pacific Airways has just completed a tour of the South Pacific looking for business. The airline, which wants to serve the US and Asia with stopovers in Alaska, is hoping to begin service by the end of the year.
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Asiana Airlines’ new Fly Korea special livery A321
Fly Korea livery A321 for the World Cup

Asiana Airlines has painted one of its second aircraft in a special Fly Korea World Cup livery, celebrating the Korean national football team. We featured the larger A350 in last week’s newsletter.
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Lufthansa 747
A Lufthansa 747 departing Chicago in golden light.
Qantas, Lufthansa, Air France, Emirates, and Asiana A380s at LAX
An afternoon A380 line-up at LAX, 2019.
Window view from a Delta A220 over Alaska with stars and aurora visible
The universe outside a Delta A220 high above Alaska.
The Airbus A300 during its first flight
50 years since first flight

The Airbus A300 first took to the skies 50 years ago today. On 28 October 1972, Airbus’ first aircraft flew from Toulouse for 1.5 hours. Sadly, the actual A300B1 was scrapped, but a repainted A300B4 is available for tours at Toulouse’s Aeroscopia museum. 
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Airbus’ NPS coming to the A350

Shaving a few inches from the sidewalls, Airbus’ A350 new production standard will allow airlines to add 10-abreast economy that is less miserable, but we still argue against it. 
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