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A still from the Alfred Hitchcock film "North by Northwest" where Cary Grant is being chased by a bi-plane in a field. The bi-plane has been replaced by a DJI Mavic 3 drone, Ian’s face has been superimposed on Cary Grant’s, and the AvTalk podcast logo has been pasted onto Cary Grant's shirt.
What do you do when you get harassed by a drone?

Ian recounts his bizarre encounter with a mystery drone while grocery shopping. We also welcome back 787 pilot and accomplished author Mark Vanhoenacker for a conversation about his new book Imagine a City and the different perspective on the world’s urban environments you gain from being part of an international aircrew.
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The US cover of "Imagine a City" by Mark Vanhoenacker
Cleared airspace in Spain in anticipation of the Chinese rocket re-entry
Airspace cleared as Chinese rocket re-enters the atmosphere

An abundance of caution led to the clearance of airspace in northern Spain and the stoppage of arrivals and departures at a number of Spanish airports this morning as a 21 tonne section of the Chinese Long March 5B rocket (CZ-5B) re-entered the earth’s atmosphere after launch earlier this week. The halt was brief, but about 300 flights were delayed as a result. The rocket passed over Spain and re-entered the atmosphere over the equatorial Pacific Ocean southwest of the Mexican coast at 10:01 UTC.
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Viva flight 8332 flight path
Viva Air A320neo almost runs out of fuel

A Viva Air A320neo departed Cali for Riohacha and diverted away to Medellín due to weather. Unfortunately the weather there was also poor, requiring a second diversion. The aircraft landed in Montería with just over 200kg of fuel on board. Colombian authorities are investigating the incident.
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A mock design for the Airbus A350F livery competition
Get your design painted on the first Airbus A350F

Airbus is holding a contest to design the livery of the first A350 Freighter, which will fly in 2024. Your design should probably be a little more inspired than our example though.
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Which military aircraft are visible near Ukraine and what are their roles? 
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Battle of Dreamliners: Vietnam Airlines vs. Bamboo Airways
Vietnam Airlines vs Bamboo Airways on the 787-9

After last week’s flight from Ho Chi Minh City to Hanoi on Bamboo Airways, Gabriel heads back the other way on Vietnam Airlines for a direct comparison. Who will come out on top?
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Avianca’s new TACA retro livery A320
A new TACA retro for Avianca

Fresh from the paint shop, this Avianca A320 pays homage to TACA with a special livery on the tail.
Track N567AV
Japan Airlines 787 departing Helsinki
A Japan Airlines 787 lifting off from Helsinki.
Northern Lights over Alaska from a Delta A220
Strong Northern Lights over Alaska seen from a Delta A220.
A KLM 777 landing in Amsterdam under a bright rainbow
A KLM 777 greeted by a rainbow while landing in Amsterdam after a storm.
Image from cover of ATSB final report into QF32 showing the damage of the number 2 engine
4 November 2012: QF32 engine failure

12 years ago today, QF32 suffered an uncontained engine failure of its #2 (inner left) engine over Batam Island, Indonesia shortly after departure from Singapore. The work required to bring the Airbus A380 back to Singapore safely was nothing short of Herculean. Not many air accident investigative reports read like thriller novels, but QF32’s is gripping.
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LOT flight 16 landing without its landing gear deployed
1 November 2011: LO16 gear up landing

Shortly after departure from Newark, a LOT 767 lost pressure in its central hydraulic system—the system that powers the landing gear. The end result was a safe belly landing in Warsaw, but it didn’t need to happen. 
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Boeing’s first investor day in 4 years

Boeing held its first investor day in four years this week and tried to assure investors of its plan for the future. We discuss a few top line items this week, but we’ll have a much more in depth conversation with The Air Current’s Jon Ostrower next week. 
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