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Ethiopian Airlines 737-8 MAX ET-AVJ
Ethiopian final report on ET302 leads to unusual move by NTSB and BEA

The final report prepared by Ethiopian investigators excludes comments from the US NTSB and French BEA, which led the agencies to publicly issue their comments, a highly unusual turn of events in an accident investigation. We break down the report’s conclusions and the NTSB & BEA comments on this week’s AvTalk podcast.
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An Aeromexico E190, which was struck by gunfire in Culiacan
Aeromexico E190 struck by bullets, airports closed after miltary-cartel battle

An Aeromexico E190 was struck by bullets in Culiacan during a battle between the Mexican military and the Sinoloa cartel. Operations at Culiacan, Los Mochis, Ciudad Obregon and Mazatlan have been suspended.
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Graph of Commercial flights 2019 vs 2020 vs 2021 vs 2022
A record year for total flights, but commercial recovery hits a ceiling

The 70,744,552 total flights tracked in 2022 topped 2019’s number, while the 35,874,450 commercial flights tracked bumped along at 85.4% of 2019 flights, a percentage that commercial aviation has had trouble breaking through.
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New Flightradar24-supplied ADS-B Receiver kits activated in 2022
Hundreds of new Flightradar24-supplied receivers and all 7 continents in 2022

Hundreds of new Flightradar24-supplied ADS-B receiver kits were activated on all seven continents last year, plus thousands of home-built receivers began sharing data with our network. Overall the Flightradar24 receiver network increased by about 4,000 receivers. Help us make 2023 another great year! 
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Boeing test aircraft at Boeing Field
Panel of 24 experts to review Boeing safety culture 

The FAA has appointed experts to a panel required by Congress that will investigate Boeing’s safety culture and make recommendations to the agency. The panel includes representatives from academia, labor, airlines, NASA, engine makers, and even rival manufacturer Airbus.
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US Air Force Global Hawk
Which military aircraft are visible near Ukraine and what are their roles? 
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Mobile app tutorial: Aircraft View Options!
Aircraft views in the Flightradar24 app

What do the various view buttons in the app show and how can you combine them for a superior flight tracking experience? We’ve got you covered in this short new tutorial.
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Virgin Orbit’s 747 with Launcher One rocket
First UK launch set for 9 January

Virgin Orbit is now targeting 9 January for the first UK-based launch of its 747-borne rocket Launcher One.
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Air Travel’s A320neo in new "Spicy Girls in Hunan" livery
Air Travel’s new spicy livery

Air Travel has a new colorful and spicy livery on one of its A320neos.
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Air New Zealand 787
An Air New Zealand 787 at the gate in Hong Kong.
KLM 777
A KLM 777 lifting off from Amsterdam.
Damaged Air Transat A321neo
This Air Transat A321neo was damaged at the beginning of November when the tow bar failed and the aircraft crashed into the tug pulling it. Seen here with the damaged section covered in plastic, the aircraft is once again under tow.
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How did Aeroflot mange to buy 10 777s?

Aeroflot purchased 10 777-300ERs from VEB Leasing recently. But how is that possible with sanctions facing Russian companies? We break it all down on AvTalk.
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"How to: Build and Set Up an ADS-B Receiver" overlaid on a photo of a raspberry pi ADS-B receiver
Step-by-step instructions to build and set-up and ADS-B receiver

If you’ve been considering sharing flight data with Flightradar24, but thought maybe it’s too difficult, this video has step-by-step instructions for building and setting up a raspberry pi ADS-B receiver. And remember, sharing ADS-B data with us gets you a free Flightradar24 Business subscription!
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