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A "greenie" Boeing 737-9 MAX pre-paint returning from a test flight.
Boeing’s big week on the balance sheet and in the courtroom

Boeing reported its full year earnings this week, with a loss of $5 billion, but sounded an upbeat note on demand for its aircraft. It also went to court this week in Texas for arraignment on fraud charges. We break down the earnings news and explain why Boeing finds itself in front of a judge for a case it thought was settled in 2021. 
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Ethiopian Airlines 737-8 MAX ET-AVJ
NTSB issues second set of comments on Ethiopian 302 final report

Having reviewed the final report published by Ethiopian investigators, the NTSB has issued a second set of comments after concluding that the report includes findings that are “unsupported by evidence.” Read the new, detailed comments and the original report.
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Flight path of NZ124 which damaged runway lights upon landing in Auckland on 27 January
Flooding, runway damage halt flights in Auckland

Flooding of the road leading to the airport and in the international terminal have closed Auckland Airport through at least noon Saturday. Additionally, an Air New Zealand 777 damaged some of the runway lights during landing, necessitating repairs.
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A map of India drawn by Cessna 172 N1302U
Flying Beast celebrates Republic Day with a giant map if India

Indian pilot and YouTuber “Flying Beast” took to the skies this week to celebrate India’s Republic Day with the world largest map of India.
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US Air Force Global Hawk
Which military aircraft are visible near Ukraine and what are their roles? 
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AIRPLANE ASMR overlaid on a photo of an Air Greenland Dash 8 flight deck
A bit different this week: airplane ASMR

No narration, no music, just the sights and sounds of the flight deck of an Air Greenland Dash 8 from Kangerlussuaq to Nuuk. 
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 Final Boeing 747 in Atlas Air livery with Joe Sutter decal applied below the flight deck window.
The final 747 delivery 

On 31 January Boeing will host a reception in Washington to celebrate the delivery of the final Boeing 747. On 1 February around noon local time, N863GT will depart Boeing’s delivery center.
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Cargojet 757
A Cargojet 757 reflecting in Vancouver under a cotton candy sunrise.
Japan Airlines A350s
A pair of Japan Airlines A350s in Fukuoka.
Boneyard at Davis-Montham
The boneyard at Davis-Monthan Air Base in Arizona.
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Airbus hopes new holey foil is holy grail for A350 paint problems

Airbus confirmed it is now using a new perforated copper foil on the aft fuselage sections of new build A350s. We discuss why this matters for Airbus—and possibly Qatar Airways.
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"How to: Build and Set Up an ADS-B Receiver" overlaid on a photo of a raspberry pi ADS-B receiver
Step-by-step instructions to build and set-up and ADS-B receiver

If you’ve been considering sharing flight data with Flightradar24, but thought maybe it’s too difficult, this video has step-by-step instructions for building and setting up a raspberry pi ADS-B receiver. And remember, sharing ADS-B data with us gets you a free Flightradar24 Business subscription!
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