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An Alaska Airlines 737-900ER with the tail skid visible under the rear of the aircraft.
Two tail strikes within minutes of each other lead to airline pause

In late January, two Alaska Airlines 737s departing Seattle suffered tail strikes within minutes of each other—an event so concerning and unusual that the airline’s operations manager halted all departures until the cause could be found.
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A new Boeing 787 for EVA Air in front of the Charleston 787 final assembly line building.
Boeing halts 787 deliveries, again

The current pause on 787 deliveries is related to certification analysis documentation regarding the forward pressure bulkhead, according to the Wall Street Journal. Boeing had also briefly paused 787 production, but has since resumed. For its part, the FAA says that Boeing “is conducting additional analysis on a fuselage component,” and deliveries will resume when the FAA is satisfied the issue has been resolved.
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Qantas’ first class product on the Project Sunrise A350s
Qantas unveils its premium cabin products for Project Sunrise flights

Qantas released renderings this week of its much anticipated Project Sunrise premium cabins. These will be fitted on the A350-1000 used for flights from Sydney to London and New York. The First and Business class cabins are... nice? On AvTalk this week, we break down why we’re underwhelmed by the offering (even if there’s only a 0.000000001% chance we’ll ever be able to fly on it). 
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Flight path of JL331, which had to divert away from Fukuoka due to missed curfew
FUK, missed the curfew

A Japan Airlines flights left Tokyo (HND) late last week and wasn’t able to make it into Fukuoka (FUK) before the airport’s curfew. The flight diverted to Osaka (KIX) for fuel and a crew change before continuing back to Tokyo. The passengers made it to Fukuoka the following day.
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Air traffic in and around Ukraine 1 year ago (pre-war) and today
One year of war in Ukraine

As we mark one year since the Russian invasion of Ukraine, we look back on the effects of the war on civil aviation, from airspace closures and blockades to the theft and re-registration of leased aircraft by Russian airlines.
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US Air Force Global Hawk
Which military aircraft are visible near Ukraine and what are their roles? 
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"🤑🤠 #SKYBOSS | HOW MUCH FOR THIS!?" overlaid on a  photo of the Thai VietJet cabin and Gabriel Leigh with an incredulous look on his face.
Fly like a Skyboss

Gabriel could have easily spent $5 for this one hour flight, but finding out what it means to be a Skyboss was just too tempting. So we let him spend $400 to find out. Was it worth it?
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Czech Airlines’ new 100th anniversary livery
Another 100th anniversary livery

Czech Airlines has unveiled a special 100th anniversary livery on an A320.
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A Delta Airbus A319 landing while an Emirates A380 departs San Francisco.
Little Airbus, big Airbus.
Fireworks and the wall of fire behind Boeing’s 777 ecoDemonstrator at Oshkosh 2022.
Fireworks and the Wall of Fire conclude the night air show at Oshkosh behind the Boeing ecoDemonstrator 777.
China Southern Airlines A380s in Mojave
Three-quarters of the former China Southern Airlines A380 fleet stored at Mojave.
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AF-KLM says flying around Russia is a wash

Yes, it takes up to three hours longer to get to some destinations in Asia, but the overflight fees Russia was charging were so high the routes are still profitable.
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"How to: Build and Set Up an ADS-B Receiver" overlaid on a photo of a raspberry pi ADS-B receiver
Step-by-step instructions to build and set-up and ADS-B receiver

If you’ve been considering sharing flight data with Flightradar24, but thought maybe it’s too difficult, this video has step-by-step instructions for building and setting up a raspberry pi ADS-B receiver. And remember, sharing ADS-B data with us gets you a free Flightradar24 Business subscription!
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