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Bees covering the wingtip fence on a Delta A320 in Houston.
It’s covered in bees!

A Delta A320 trying to get to Atlanta was delayed by four hours thanks to a swarm of bees on the aircraft’s wingtip fence. The drama of bee removal was the story we all needed this week. 

We also cover Go First’s bankruptcy filing, more Pratt and Whitney engine drama, Airbus’ first quarter earnings, and a big push forward for hydrogen-powered aircraft.  
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The RAF Red Arrows performing with blue, white, and red smoke trails.
More than 60 aircraft to participate in coronation flypast

More than 60 aircraft from all branches of the UK military plus vintage aircraft will perform a flypast over Buckingham Palace in London to mark the coronation of King Charles III. If you can’t be in London on Saturday at 13:30 UTC, here’s how you can follow the aircraft on Flightradar24.
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A Go First A320neo
Do not pass Go, do not collect $200

Go First filed for bankruptcy protection this week, laying blame squarely on Pratt and Whitney engine issues. The airline has canceled flights through at least 5 May and filed a nearly $1 billion lawsuit against P&W. Meanwhile, some lessors are trying to get their aircraft back from the airline. 
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A Go First A320neo
Hold it right there

After a long flight you’re ready to get on the ground and continue on with your journey. But then the Captain comes on the PA and announces you’ll be holding awaiting clearance. We break down how holding works and the purpose, so that you can be more informed the next time you’re waiting to land.
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New route filter option highlighted on Flightradar24 beta
Thank you for using the new Flightradar24 Beta

We continue to receive excellent, helpful feedback from users on Flightradar24 Beta. Thank you!

If you haven’t tried it out already, enter flightradar24.com/openbeta into your browser to give it a try. You can read our full tutorial on the new filters we’ve added on our blog.
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US Air Force Global Hawk
Which military aircraft are visible near Ukraine and what are their roles? 
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Flight deck exclusives playlist
We’re off this week capturing new content for future videos, so why not have a look through some of our favorite playlists, including this one with all our exclusive flight deck content. We’ll be back with a brand new video next week, 12 May.
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Southwest’s new Hawaii state livery 737
Imua One

Southwest Airlines is increasing its stable of US state-themed liveries with the Imua One, a tribute to Hawaii.
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BLACKPINK + World Expo livery on a Korean Air 777
Korean Air adds BLACKPINK

Korean Air’s 777 now features BLACKPINK on the rear fuselage and promotional titles for Busan’s bid to host the 2030 World Expo.
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Korean Air 777 with "Our Pride" livery
Korean Air employees make up Our Pride

The names of more than 20,000 Korean Air employees make up the lettering of the new Our Pride livery on this Korean Air 777.
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SunExpress Paw Patrol Livery
SunExpress is on the roll

SunExpress has joined the Paw Patrol, or at least one of their 737s is now sporting a Paw Patrol movie livery. Track the aircraft to show it to your kids—or so that you can hide it from your kids. Either way.
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Aerodynamic contrails forming behind a Thai Airways 777
Aerodynamic contrails forming behind a Thai Airways 777 as it flies through ice-supersaturated air at 31,000 feet above Poland.
German government A350
A German government A350 in Tianjin.
LOT E170
Long exposure of a LOT E170 pulling onto stand in Wroclaw.
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Ian wants to drive the HyperTruck

ZeroAvia is testing its new propulsion system designed for the Dash 8-Q400 with an engine mounted on the top of a large, Oshkosh truck. It's quite the sight! We discuss how that engine could be powering regional aircraft on this week’s episode.
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"How to: Build and Set Up an ADS-B Receiver" overlaid on a photo of a raspberry pi ADS-B receiver
Step-by-step instructions to build and set-up and ADS-B receiver

If you’ve been considering sharing flight data with Flightradar24, but thought maybe it’s too difficult, this video has step-by-step instructions for building and setting up a raspberry pi ADS-B receiver. And remember, sharing ADS-B data with us gets you a free Flightradar24 Business subscription!
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