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Former NTSB Chair Robert Sumwalt
Our conversation with Robert Sumwalt

Former NTSB Chair and member of the FAA’s recently formed Independent Safety Review Team, Robert Sumwalt, joins our AvTalk podcast to discuss the state of aviation safety in the United States and how industry and regulators are reacting to a recent spate of serious incidents.
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The transponder panel on a 767
What are squawk codes used for?

If you’re a regular Flightradar24 user, which we certainly hope you are, you’ve probably seen a Squawk 7700 or 7600 alert. We break down the important squawk codes known more widely and how air traffic control uses all squawk codes to keep aircraft safely moving through the skies.
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Cargolux 747 flight path
Cargolux 747 loses gear bogey during emergency landing 

A Cargolux 747-400 bound for Chicago stopped its climb shortly after take off with a landing gear problem. The aircraft jettisoned fuel and made an emergency return to Luxembourg. After touchdown the main right inner landing gear assembly broke off the aircraft. Here’s video from the landing.
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A WestJet 737-8 MAX
Last minute deal averts WestJet pilot strike 

A last minute agreement in principle between WestJet pilots and management averted a strike at the airline this morning. The airline had already canceled about 30% of its flights Friday in anticipation of a strike, but the rest are operating as normal.
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Azimuth Airlines flight path from Moscow to Tbilisi
Amid protests, Russia restarts flights to Georgia

After unilaterally suspending flights to Georgia in 2019, Russia has resumed flying to Tbilisi. The first flight today was welcomed by protesters. Only Russian airlines with aircraft not subject to sanction and repossession are operating to Tbilisi.
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New route filter option highlighted on Flightradar24 beta
Thank you for using the new Flightradar24 Beta

We continue to receive excellent, helpful feedback from users on Flightradar24 Beta. Thank you!

If you haven’t tried it out already, enter flightradar24.com/openbeta into your browser to give it a try. You can read our full tutorial on the new filters we’ve added on our blog.
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US Air Force Global Hawk
Which military aircraft are visible near Ukraine and what are their roles? 
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Cruise Altitude ASMR | 40 minutes of flying
Relaxing your way through the sky

40 minutes looking out the windows of various aircraft at cruise altitude, enjoying the sights and sounds from around the world. Use this video to relax, to fall asleep, or just get your in flight fix in between flights.
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Tajikistan 787
Tajikistan’s new 787

The former Mexican government 787 that sat in storage for years while seeking a buyer is now freshly repainted and in the service of the government of Tajikistan.
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New Argentina presidential 757
Argentina’s new 757

Argentina’s government is also adding a new presidential aircraft. This 757 previously flew for Funair.
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A VivaAerobus A320neo departing Mexico City
Did you do a double take? The telephoto lens is in full effect as this VivaAerobus A320neo climbs away from Mexico City.
F-35 high speed pass
A US Air Force F-35 makes a high speed pass at Leopoldsburg.
Ryanair 737 at night lined up for departure on a lighted runway
Ryanair cleared for take off.
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Questions surround GO First finances as they try to restart operations

A loan to one company was possibly used to secure a new loan for Go First, complicating the bankruptcy proceedings as the airline tries to restart operations next week.
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"How to: Build and Set Up an ADS-B Receiver" overlaid on a photo of a raspberry pi ADS-B receiver
Step-by-step instructions to build and set-up and ADS-B receiver

If you’ve been considering sharing flight data with Flightradar24, but thought maybe it’s too difficult, this video has step-by-step instructions for building and setting up a raspberry pi ADS-B receiver. And remember, sharing ADS-B data with us gets you a free Flightradar24 Business subscription!
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