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Airbus’ hydrogen powered concept aircraft
How soon will we be flying on zero emissions aircraft?
Airbus unveiled three hydrogen-powered concept aircraft this week with a predicted entry into service in 2035. We look at the Airbus concepts, what other companies are doing, and when flying on a zero-emissions commercial aircraft seems likely.
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737 MAX
Public comment comes to a close
As the FAA’s public comment period for the proposed 737 MAX airworthiness directive comes to a close, we dig in to some of the more noteworthy comments from former Boeing engineers, technical experts, pilots, the families of victims of crash of ET302, and civil aviation authorities.
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Stored 737 MAX
So then, when is the MAX coming back?
After recertification by authorities around the world, there will still be a lot of work to do to get the aircraft flying passengers again. From software updates to pilot training to just getting the aircraft delivered to airlines, we look at some of the hurdles facing the MAX’s return to service.
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Cargolux 747 in special mask livery
The hardest working plane around
While passenger 747 flying has dropped dramatically since March, the opposite is true for 747 freighters. The venerable cargo haulers have stepped up in a big way. We break down the numbers to see just how much cargo the Queen of the Skies is carrying these days.
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Qantas A380 VH-OQI
Qantas’ last international A380 flight for at least 3 years 
Qantas’ A380 VH-OQI is en route from Dresden to Victorville as the airline nears completion on the storage of its A380 fleet. The aircraft was in Dresden for a new interior when the pandemic began. Qantas has said that if the A380 returns to service, it won't be before 2023.
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The Scaled Composites Stratolaunch outside its hangar for some maintenance.
Atlas Air 747
An Atlas Air 747 departing Cincinnati. 
British Airways A350
A British Airways A350 landing in London.
Filtering options in the Flightradar24 app
Tutorial time: get the most out of filters in the app
We’ve put together a quick 2 minute tutorial on using filters in the app. See tips for enabling, saving, and combining filters to see only the flights you want to see.
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UNDER THE RADAR - Bite size aviation news
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Flights to nowhere
We discuss airlines offering flights to nowhere and why we’re not quite on board with the idea.
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