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We’re continuing to mitigate attacks against Flightradar24’s systems
At about 17:00 UTC on Sunday we suffered the first of three sophisticated and sustained DDoS attacks against Flightradar24. Since then we've worked to fend off additional attacks and harden our systems. We’re sorry for any inconvenience caused by our extended downtime and we’re grateful for your patience as we come back stronger.
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American Airlines aircraft in storage
32,000 workers furloughed at American and United
American Airlines and United Airlines furloughed 32,000 workers today as funding from the Payroll Support Program (PSP) from CARES Act runs out.
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September traffic statistics
September traffic growth flat
Air traffic growth was flat around the world during September. Overall traffic showed some variation week-to-week, but commercial traffic maintained a much more narrow variance.
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Boeing 787s in South Carolina
Boeing to move all 787 production to South Carolina in 2021
Boeing announced this week that it will move all 787 production to South Carolina. Production of the 787 began in Everett, Washington in 2007 and Boeing added the North Charleston, South Carolina facility in 2011. We discussed Boeing’s current issues with the 787 and the likelihood of this move by Boeing in our recent episode of AvTalk in conversation with Jon Ostrower.
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747 flying 1000 feet above crossing traffic
How planes avoid running into things
TAWS, GPWS, EGPWS, TCAS — airplanes are equipped with a variety of devices and systems to prevent them from hitting other things. We explore some of the systems that make flying safer.
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Air traffic over China
Examining China’s traffic recovery
What can we learn from China’s air traffic recovery? ICF takes another look at Flightradar24 data to update its analysis and compare China’s recovery with traffic in Europe and the US.
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A330neo PK-GHG with mask
Garuda Indonesia’s PK-GHG dons a mask
Garuda Indonesia’s A330neo PK-GHG has added a face mask to its eye mask. The airline recently added the mask in Jakarta and the aircraft returned to service today.
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British Airways A350
A British Airways A350 taxiing in London.
Air France Concorde
An Air France Concorde in Hong Kong, 1994.
Lufthansa 747
A Lufthansa 747 landing in Los Angeles.
EgyptAir A220 delivery flight path
Going out of your way for paperwork
This week EgyptAir finally took delivery of A220 SU-GFI, but the aircraft took a bit of a detour from Toulouse to Cairo. We've see this type of delivery flight before. Learn more about some of the odd requirements that can be part of leasing an aircraft.
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UNDER THE RADAR - Bite size aviation news
Business Traveller
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737 MAX comments
A few of the public comments on the FAA’s proposed 737 MAX airworthiness directive were more interesting than others. We look into those comments on this episode of AvTalk.
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