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The tunnel between Concourses B and C in Terminal 1 at ORD
The meanings behind the codes

Lots of airports have codes that reflect their name or location—HKG, JFK, LHR, CPT. But others, like ORD, FRU, or TNM are less obvious. See how these and other airports got their IATA codes.
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ZipAir 787
ZipAir launches flights with 2 passengers on a 787

Japanese low cost carrier ZipAir launched passenger services today from Tokyo to Seoul with just two people aboard the 787, according to Japan Times. The carrier had delayed the start of passenger service in order to use their aircraft to carry only cargo.
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737 MAX
EASA details 737 MAX certification timeline

Speaking to Bloomberg, European Union Aviation Safety Agency executive director Patrick Ky says the regulator is preparing an Airworthiness Directive for the 737 MAX scheduled for release next month. Once published, the AD will be subject to a public comment period. Generally speaking, this timeline for recertifying the MAX puts EASA in line with the US FAA. 
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Etihad flight EY88
Etihad becomes first Gulf-based airline to overfly Israel

Etihad this week became the first Gulf-based airline to overfly Israel. The airline had previously operated a few charters to Israel, but this was the first en route crossing, saving time and fuel between Milan and Abu Dhabi.
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Wizz Air A321 departing Luton
The importance of load and balance

A Wizz Air A321 departed London-Luton out of balance after the A320 that was supposed to operate the flight was swapped for a larger A321 and passengers ended up sitting only in the forward cabins. The pilots needed to apply TOGA power and almost full aft deflection on the side stick to get the aircraft to climb. You can read the UK AAIB report here.
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Garuda’s Let's Wear a Mask 737
Let’s put on a mask

Garuda Indonesia’s second masked plane debuted this week. PK-GFQ wears a specially designed mask and ‘Let’s put on a mask’ titles.
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Lufthansa Cargo Human Care 777
Cargo Human Care

Lufthansa Cargo’s newest 777 now wears special Cargo Human Care titles.
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The first Airbus A321 passenger to freighter conversion
First Airbus A321 passenger to freighter conversion delivered

Qantas Freight took delivery of the first Airbus A321P2F aircraft this week. The A321 carries the registration VH-ULD. ULD is the acronym for Unit Load Device, the standard container for aircraft cargo, though we don’t know if this registration was assigned for that reason.
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Storage in Teruel
Widebody aircraft likely in final rest in Teruel.
Cargolux 747 in retro jet livery
Cargolux’s retro jet livery 747 landing in Houston.
Qantas 737 performing go around
Going around: why trying again is the safe play

You're about to land and all of a sudden the engines spool up and you climb away from the airport to try it again. A go around is the best way to ensure a safe approach when things aren’t quite right, but what are the pilots actually doing on the flight deck? We talked to a pilot to find out.
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