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COVID-19 vaccines in boxes inside a ULD
The challenges of distributing the COVID-19 vaccine

The newly approved COVID-19 vaccine needs to be transported at -80℃, which creates a mass of logistical challenges. John Walton joins us on AvTalk to explain how airlines and airports are ensuring everything runs smoothly. 
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Hi Fly A380 9H-MIP draws a heart
Hi Fly ends its A380 experiment

Hi Fly’s two and a half year experiment with the A380 ended yesterday—but not before it drew a heart in the sky. We look at the operational history of 9H-MIP to see how much use it actually received and which airlines took advantage of it.
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EuroAtlantic Airways 767
Solving a puzzle: EuroAtlantic to Timor-Leste 

Following a seemingly random departure from Lisbon, a little digging leads to new insights on charter airline EuroAtlantic Airways.
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BOAC heritage livery British Airways 747 flying in formation with the RAF Red Arrows
British Airways operates its last ever 747 flight

Late last week British Airways operated its final 747 flight as G-BYGC was moved from Cardiff to St Athan for preservation. British Airways had painted three 747s in heritage liveries in celebration of the airline’s centenary, but due to COVID the airline announced the immediate retirement of the 747 fleet earlier this year. The Landor, Negus, and BOAC livery 747s will be preserved at various airports in the UK.
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The first two flights of the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine from the US distribution center
Following vaccine transport

While it is impossible to say without independent confirmation which flights are carrying the vaccine, there are a few places to look. UPS flights from Lansing to Louisville, FedEx flights from Grand Rapids to Memphis, UPS flights from Cologne, and United and other cargo flights from Brussels all offer places to start. As we get details on other routes and shipments, we'll post those on Twitter.
Flights at GRR
Flights at BRU
Flights at LAN
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The first line built ATR 72 freighter registered EI-GUL
First line-built ATR 72 freighter delivered

ATR delivered the first line-built ATR 72 freighter this week. The aircraft will be operated by ASL Airlines for FedEx.
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Inside the cargo compartment of the BelugaXL
Inside the cavernous cargo area of the Airbus BelugaXL.
Crews investigate flames from the number 3 engine on the An-22
Crew members investigate flames from the back of the Antonov An-22’s number 3 engine in Leipzig.
Masked Garuda Indonesia planes
Socially distanced and wearing their masks, Garuda Indonesia aircraft meet in Jakarta.
Santa at work delivering presents
Keep your eyes on the sky for Santa

We’re ready and waiting for Santa to begin his journey! You can search for Santa a few different ways. Searching HOHOHO will get you info on Santa’s sleigh and search SANTA beginning 24 December to track his progress.
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UNDER THE RADAR - Bite size aviation news
Travel and Leisure
AvTalk Podcast Logo
Looking back on 2020

We look back on the year that was, including some of the highlights and, unfortunately, many low lights.
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