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OIT News - February 2021 

NC State, industry partners to discuss cyberspace stalking

NC State, industry partners to discuss cyberstalking

Are you being stalked in cyberspace?

When you use digital technologies — smartphones, computers, video streaming and conferencing, social media, email, and geo-mapping services — you leave digital snapshots of your online activities that can be harvested for good and bad intentions.

If you are concerned about how much of your information is in cyberspace, who is tracking your data online and how they are collecting it, then join a seven-member panel of NC State faculty, staff and industry partners for “Are You Being Stalked in Cyberspace?” on Friday, Feb. 26 at 2 p.m. These panelists will examine the data tracking ecosystem and the growing concerns with privacy in cyberspace. Bring all of your questions.

To register for this and other data privacy events, visit NC State's Data Privacy Month website. All events are co-sponsored by the NC State Office of Information Technology, the NC State Department of Computer Science, ePartners Program, LabCorp, and MetLife.

OIT to change 2FA enrollment policy for new hires

2FA enrollment policy to change for new hires

Beginning Monday, March 1, NC State will require new hires to enroll in its two-factor authentication (2FA) solutions — Duo Security and Google 2-Step Verification — within 14 days of their first login to university services.
Accessibility in the Classroom begins March 8

Enroll in Accessibility in the Classroom

The NC State IT Accessibility Office invites University of North Carolina System employees to participate in “Accessibility in the Classroom” from Monday, March 8 to Friday, April 16. The course is free.
Update U2F security key for Duo authentication

Update U2F security key for Duo authentication

When you log into Duo Security at NC State with a U2F security key, you will see a message in the Duo prompt requesting you to update your security key. Duo now supports WebAuthen, which necessitates the update.
Google Groups renewals begin in March

Google Groups renewals begin in March

Next month, the Google Service Team will email annual renewal notices to all Google Group administrative and technical contacts listed in Web Registry. If you are a contact, be on the lookout for these email notifications.


OIT offers new training workshops

OIT offers new training

OIT is offering a wide range of workshops to enhance your IT knowledge and skills. Attend live online and on-demand workshops to learn how to protect your privacy in cyberspace, create videos with DaVinci Resolve, leverage ServiceNow, and much more!


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