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Shalom Emma
MDA in Israel is now ready and prepared to serve its citizens no matter, rain, shine or even snow.  Having realised the necessity for a fleet of All Terrain Vehicles (ATV's), MDA has Israel covered and has recently trained dozens of ambulance drivers and paramedics to operate 14 new ATV's, new to the fleet.   
The new vehicles, which will be generally stationed in coastal cities and near forests have, for the duration of the winter, been placed in areas such as Jerusalem, Zfat, Beit Jan, Shimshit and Masada.
Not only are we prepared to save lives in the event of all types of weather, but MDA has also been travelling near and far to vaccinate its citizens against COVID-19, including recently vaccinating over 1,100 of their 3000 employees, at the Soda Stream factory in the Lehavim-Rahat industrial area.  Employees, who include many from the Arab and Bedouin sectors, are allowed to bring family members along to be vaccinated.
Since mid February, MDA have set up mobile vaccination units in many workplaces, Yeshivot and even hiking trails.  The "Jab on the job" campaign is an initiative of the Manufacturers Association, the Health Ministry and the IDF Home Front command and places MDA in a variety of locations to ensure people from all sectors are able to be vaccinated.
It was only last week the PM Benjamin Netanyuahu visited another initiative, the MDA vaccination drive in Acre, where he personally thanked the MDA Director General, Eli Bin.  Many locations have created their own campaigns, with Acre's being "Give a Shoulder".
MDA is also vaccinating Palestinian and Israeli residents and workers at the Qalandiya Crossing (checkpoint area between Jerusulem) and Ramallah).  The goal is to safely vaccinate as many residents as possible within that area as well as neighbouring villages, including those living across the security barrier.
MDA goes and saves lives beyond borders, not only internationally but also within the State.
Magen David Adom, Israel's paramedic and Red Cross service, uses ambulances, first-responder Medicycles, Medivac helicopters, and even sea-bulance to get to the scenes of medical emergencies.

Now there’s another way Magen David Adom can arrive — in the mail!
During the second week of February, Israel issued three postage stamps commemorating MDA’s lifesaving work, especially recognising its role during the coronavirus pandemic which included rendering lifesaving treatment to thousands of patients, administering Covid tests to more than 3.5 million people, and vaccinating every nursing home resident and thousands of elderly throughout the State.

In fact, of the 25% of Israelis now fully vaccinated against Covid, about a quarter of them received their vaccines from MDA.
The best way to save lives is to help prevent sickness in the first place.

While the Israeli postal service is recognizing MDA, we want to recognize someone else too — you.
Your support enables Magen David Adom to perform its lifesaving work by providing the equipment, supplies, and training it so heavily relies on.
Thank you for your ongoing support even during these difficult times. 
Contact us now or go online to purchase our MDA commemorative coffee table book.
For only $54 you receive free ambulance service, if required, while in Israel and access to discounts at a fantastic range of local retailers and service providers.
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