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An unpainted 777-9 destined for Emirates parked at Paine Field in Everett, Washington
Emirates’ Tim Clark tells Boeing to get its house in order 

Speaking to The Air Current’s Jon Ostrower, Emirates Airline president Tim Clark had strong words for Boeing. Clark’s comments mean more than perhaps any other critic to date because of his stature in the aviation industry and Emirates’ role as one of Boeing’s best customers, operating nearly 150 777s and slated to be the launch customer of the 777X.
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An airBaltic A220
An interview with airBaltic CEO Martin Gauss 

The pandemic has forced airBaltic to make some drastic changes to its network (suspending international flying for 62 days) and its fleet—removing the Dash 8 and 737 practically overnight to become an all-A220 airline. CEO Martin Gauss discusses what’s next for the airline as it prepares to exit hibernation.
Read a condensed version of the interview with Martin Gauss
Listen to the full interview on this week’s AvTalk
A Lufthansa 747-400 in the Mojave desert after retirement
Is the era of large aircraft over?

COVID has hastened the removal of the largest passenger aircraft from the global fleet, as airlines retire their four-engined planes and some of the larger twins. But has the era of large aircraft passed or will airlines buy in to the largest that Airbus and Boeing have to offer as travel demand returns?
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Damage to the PW4077 engine on N772UA, which operated UA328
NTSB issues investigative update on UA328
The NTSB issued an investigative update late last week, providing additional information on the sequence of events that led to the failure of the PW4077 on UA328.
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An Icelandair 737 MAX 8
Icelandair returns the 737 MAX to service 

Icelandair has restarted 737 MAX passenger service with one of six delivered aircraft. The others have 
See the Icelandair 737 MAX fleet
An SAS A350 landing in Chicago.
An SAS A350 landing in Chicago.
A Cathay Pacific Cargo 747 landing in New York.
A Cathay Pacific Cargo 747 slowing down in New York.
An Air France 787 landing in Paris
An Air France 787 landing in Paris carrying a bit of its own cloud.
AR View example showing a Delta A350 high above Chicago leaving a contrail
AR View is the easy way to see what’s above you

With AR View you can point your device at the sky to see what’s flying overhead. Just open the Flightradar24 app, tap the ‘AR’ in the upper left corner of the screen, and point your device skyward.
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How to operate an airport in Antarctica
Listen to our special episode with Sven Lidström of the Norwegian Polar Institute to learn how they operate an ice runway airport in Antarctica year round.
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