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A Vans RV-4 aircraft registered TF-RVA takes the pilot and passenger over the erupting volcano at Fagradalsfjall
Volcanic eruption at Fagradalsfjall draws tourist flights

After the eruption at Fagradalsfjall, to the southeast of Keflavik Airport, was determined to pose no threat to aviation, unlike Eyjafjallajökull in 2010, tourists—including air tours—have flocked to see the slowly growing, glowing mountain.
See live flight activity in the area
Chart showing weekly flights to Hawaii by select airlines overlaid on new weekly COVID cases in Hawaii
Here’s what traffic to Hawaii looks like 

Hawaii closed to nearly everyone in late March 2020 and stayed closed for months. Then in June things changed. We take a look at where things stand now.
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Chart showing Passenger, Cargo, and Private flights from the US to Colombia
Flights to Colombia are booming, even amidst the pandemic

Colombia has been relatively easy to access for Americans since reopening, so it’s no surprise we saw a resurgence in flights last fall. We look at the trends now to see what summer 2021 may hold.
When going through the data, we also focused on the spikes in cargo traffic. Do you know that they are? Hint: holidays where flowers play a big role 💐 
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An IL-76 taxiing to parking after landing
The IL-76: a cargo beast

The IL-76 is built like a tank and can take advantage of any runway that’s long and wide enough (paving not necessary). Learn more about the how the IL-76 came to be and where you can track it.
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An Antonov An-124
Antonov—a Ukrainian aviation legend
From the hearty turboprop An-12 to the world’s largest cargo aircraft, the An-225, we dig in to long and expansive history of Antonov.
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Undelivered Boeing 787 aircraft in storage in Victorville
Boeing set to resume 787 deliveries as early as today

Bloomberg is reporting that Boeing is ready to resume 787 deliveries after a 5 month suspension as it works to resolve quality issues with the aircraft. Boeing has dozens of undelivered 787s to move out, with many stored at Victorville in southern California. The first 787 to leave Paine Field could go home as early as today.
Track delivery flights from Paine Field
A LOT 737-8 MAX
LOT resumes 737 MAX flights 

LOT resumed 737 MAX flights this week, beginning with flights from Warsaw to Oslo. The airline has 5 737 MAX in its active fleet so far.
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Parallel landings in San Francisco
Parallel landings in San Francisco.
Boeing 747 flight deck
Aboard a British Airways 747 flight deck approaching the west coast of the UK after an Atlantic crossing.
A Lufthansa Cargo 777 landing in Frankfurt.
A Lufthansa Cargo 777 landing in Frankfurt.
Chart showing commercial flights tracked by Flightradar24 from January 2019 to March 2021
Crossing the streams

Early this week, the number of commercial flights tracked moved above the same day total for 2020 for the first time and the positive trend in flight traffic is continuing.
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UNDER THE RADAR - Bite size aviation news
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Operation Cocoa Drop
Following our exploration of Troll Station in Antarctica, we received word of another ‘only in Antarctica’ story. Listen to this week’s AvTalk to learn more.
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