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An Amapola Fokker 50
An airline that’s more of a Fokker 50 company than an airline 

After speaking with the CEO of Amapola, Gabe heads north on their Fokker 50 to get a feel for what the airline and the rugged aircraft are all about.
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Sriwijaya Air 737-500 PK-CLC
Cockpit Voice Recorder from SJ182 recovered

Indonesian authorities announced they have recovered the cockpit voice recorder memory unit from Sriwijaya Air flight 182, which crashed shortly after take off from Jakarta in January.
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A 737 MAX 7 landing in front of an Airbus A350
Southwest goes with the MAX 7 over the Airbus A220 

In what was Boeing’s order to lose, Southwest Airlines has officially chosen the 737-7 MAX over the A220 for its continued 737-700 replacement. The airline placed a firm order for 100 aircraft, plus 155 options for either -7 or -8 MAX. The A220 had been in competition with the MAX, but the draw of maintaining a single fleet type and the pricing Boeing was able to offer were too much to overcome.
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A 737-8200 destined for Ryanair under tow at Boeing Field
FAA certifies Ryanair’s high-density 737-8200

The FAA has certified the 737-8200, a high-density variant designed for low-cost carriers like Ryanair, which has over 200 of the type on order. The -8200 modifies the MAX 8 by adding an additional exit door aft of the wing (helpfully highlighted in red tape in the image above). It also increases the seating capacity from 189 in the standard MAX 8 to 200 passengers. EASA certification is expected to follow soon.
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N487AS, the first Alaska Airlines 737 to wear a special oneworld Alliance livery
Alaska joins oneworld Alliance

Alaska Airlines joined the oneworld Alliance this week and celebrated with a special livery. N487AS is the first of three Alaska Airlines aircraft to wear the special livery.
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Lufthansa A350 D-AIXQ
Lufthansa’s second Antarctic research flight 

A Lufthansa A350 will return to Germany from Mount Pleasant this week after another exchange of crew for the Antarctic research vessel Polarstern. This flight is also carrying researchers from the German Aerospace Institute who are studying the effects of variations in the earth’s magnetic field on aviation while passing through the South Atlantic Anomaly
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EGO Airways E190 I-EGOA
EGO Airways begins scheduled flights 

New Italian airline EGO Airways began scheduled flights this week with its lone E190. 
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Boeing Dreamlifter at work at Paine Field in Everett
A Boeing Dreamlifter open at Paine Field. The Dreamlifter is used to ferry 787 components to the final assembly lines.
Condor’s A320 in retro jet livery
Condor’s A320 in retro jet livery in Düsseldorf.
A FedEx MD-10 in shadow departing Sacramento in late evening light
A FedEx MD-10 departing Sacramento
Chart showing commercial flights tracked by Flightradar24 from January 2019 to March 2021
March moved the recovery forward

Last week’s section title had a question mark. With full March data, we can delete that. Commercial flight recovery continued in March after a decline in January and February.
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UNDER THE RADAR - Bite size aviation news
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An Mars helicopter update 
NASA’s Ingenuity, the small helicopter, is set to become the first aircraft to fly on Mars as early as next week.
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