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Boeing News paper introducing Frugal the Squirrel in September 1975
Meet Frugal the Squirrel 

On this week’s episode of AvTalk, we welcome back Jeremy Dwyer-Lindgren to discuss some of the lesser-known parts of aviation history, like Boeing’s mid-1970s ‘larger-than-life’ energy conservation mascot Frugal the Squirrel.
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Mars Ingenuity standing on the Martian surface waiting to take flight
Mars Ingenuity to attempt first flight on 11 April

Mars Ingenuity, the small helicopter carried by the Perseverance rover, is set for a first flight on 11 April. NASA will host a pre-flight briefing today. We’re still working on getting an ADS-B receiver set up on the moon and we won't be able to track the first flight, so follow along with NASA for updates.
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A ‘Miss’ mistake 

In July 2020, a TUI 737 departed Birmingham 1,244 kg heavier than expected due to an error in the airline’s reservation system that classified 38 adult women as children when the reservations were mistakenly marked with ‘Miss’ instead of ‘Ms’.
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A Boeing 737 MAX 8
Boeing says some 737 MAX need electrical inspection before further flight

Boeing is notifying 16 of its 737 MAX customers that certain aircraft need to be inspected to verify ‘that a sufficient ground path exists for a component of the electrical power system.’ Southwest has said 30 of its MAX are affected by the recommendation, but it expects minimal disruption to its flights.
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Air Canada’s new Trans-Canada Air Lines special livery A220
Air Canada’s new Trans-Canada Air Lines retro livery

With the previous Trans-Canada Air Lines retro livery A319 now retired, Air Canada has painted one of its brand new A220s in the special livery.
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JetBlue’s refreshed Boston Red Sox livery A320
JetBlue refreshes its Red Sox livery in time for opening day 

JetBlue has repainted its A320 wearing the special Boston Red Sox livery. N605JB was painted in the previous Red Sox scheme from 2012.
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An American Airlines 777 departing Los Angeles
An American Airlines 777 departing Los Angeles.
Azul’s E195-E2 ‘Ararinha Azul’ aircraft in colorful special livery reflecting in a pool of water
Azul’s E195-E2 ‘Ararinha Azul’ special livery reflecting in Curitiba.
An Air France A350 landing in Paris
An Air France A350 landing in Paris.
NH203 diverting to Krasnoyarsk
Where to divert isn’t as simple as landing at the closest airport

ANA flight NH203 was traveling from Tokyo to Frankfurt when an engine oil indication forced the aircraft to divert. We received questions about why the flight would divert to an airport so far off its path. Often times, landing at the closest airport isn’t always (or even usually) the best option.
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Landing at an unopened airport is never advisable 
Over the course of a few hours last weekend, two Ethiopian Airlines flights attempted to land an unopened airport in Zambia, with one actually touching down at the still under-construction airfield.
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