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NTSB investigator Sean Payne submerges the CVR from Atlas Air 3591 in reverse osmosis filtered water to remove contaminants prior to extracting the memory module
Going inside the black boxes with NTSB investigator Sean Payne  

On this week’s episode of our AvTalk podcast, investigator Sean Payne walks us through how the NTSB collects, processes, and uses information from aircraft data recorders to help determine the cause of an accident.
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The view from the jump seat of the Amapola Fokker 50 approaching Hemavan
Flying one of the last Fokker 50s in Europe 

Strap into the jump seat and fly one of the last Fokker 50s in Europe as Gabriel Leigh takes you on a relaxing and scenic journey to the north of Sweden aboard Amapola Flyg. 
Watch here
A Belavia 737-8, one of the aircraft affected by the current grounding
Where are the (newly) grounded 737 MAX? 

Over 100 737 MAX are currently grounded due to a potential electrical grounding issue. With more details from the FAA about the nature of the issue published this week, we tracked down where the planes are parked.
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An SAS A350 landing in Chicago.
What’s it like to fly an A350 with only 20 people onboard? 

On a recent trip from Copenhagen to San Francisco, our Gabriel Leigh was one of only about 20 people onboard. He shares his experience and also looks at where SAS is taking their A350s now and in the coming months.
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Qantas A380
A Qantas A380 high above Poland.
Boeing 777X departure
An Boeing 777X departing Phoenix
TBM Avenger being lifted off the beach by a crane
A Grumman Avenger is lifted off Cocoa Beach by a crane after ditching on beach. The pilot did not suffer any injuries, but the aircraft is going to need a lot of work.
A mock image showing data from Ingenuity’s first flight on Mars
If we had ADS-B coverage on Mars

We don’t have ADS-B coverage on Mars... yet. But if we did, this is what this week’s first flight by the small Ingenuity helicopter would have looked like in playback.
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How did over 50 people on a single flight from Delhi to Hong Kong test positive for COVID? 
What we know so far about the large cluster of cases related to a single flight from India to Hong Kong.
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